Tuesday, July 27, 2010

20th June 2010 record sales 1000pcs!

Before the price increase on 21st June 2010 (Chow Rasta wet market; Sunday), my loyal customers purchase in bulk to stock their favorite green soap. Record sales of around 1000pcs sold in Penang alone.

Sales so good till I don't have the opportunity to say thank you to a lot of my customers on that day. If my loyal customers are reading this. Would like to say a
BIG THANK YOU to you all!

I have 1 regular customer from Medan that purchased
90pcs! Now I know my CHT soap is also a hit in Medan, Indonesia because I met a lot of them when selling in Penang large morning market especially in Jelutong and Chow Rasta.

Now after 1 month of price increase, my customers are adapting to the new pricing. Price increase is inevitable because of my imported peppermint price increase 100%! The price increase also comes with added value. I have added
Anti-Oxidant to my Natural soap!
My new formulated soap will give u more pleasure during bathing and faster results!

Just for info, all my natural ingredients are fully imported! And not from China!

And oh yes! Remember the
CHT logo and my face on banner!
DO NOT BE FOOLED by immoral sales persons that sell China green soap that they claimed to be CHT soap! I received a lot of complains!
They also claimed their green soap is locally made, or CHT make for them, or CHT is offering discount for this month so selling cheap, or worst I ever heard; they make the green soap for CHT! Its bad to cheat people, I hope they stop such remark.
Don't lied to profit,its bad! They; immoral sales persons knew their soap not up to the standard and will not produce results,why continue to cheat people and make short term profit and create bad name for yourself? China product is China product, wake up!
A courtesy remark to Immoral Sales Persons: Please Don't sell cheap soap same price like CHT Natural soap and said its the same.

Beware Of Imitation! CHT logo is my company trademark.