Friday, October 28, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

CHT at Sungai Petani Village Mall yesterday and today

   CHT at Sungai Petani Village Mall on 21st and 22nd October to distribute free soap and organizing soap casing opening competition. CHT preparing 4000pcs of soap to giveaway. See you there!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another bike stunt at Autocity Juru

Bike stunt at Autocity Juru

CHT car wash pour by pretty lady

Drifting at Autocity Juru

Drifting at Autocity Juru pt2

Mean Machine 2011 ; 3600pcs of soap giveaways!

CHT Mobile at Car Show

Pretty Car Show Gals Posing with CHT Sabun Ajaib


CHT Sabun Ajaib Mobile Unit

CHT Gals!

CHT Car Care Products Debut

Visitors with Free Sabun Ajaib CHT

Pa, I mau 1 juga la

Miss Mean Machine posing wif Pink Hummer

Lovely Pink Hummer

Pretty Car Show Gals

Come over for FREE Sabun Ajaib

Reaching for Free Sabun Ajaib CHT

Thank You Kakak, Nenek I mau 1 juga la

Free Sabun Ajaib CHT

Off work alr, wanna bath with this Miracle Soap!
Tow truck gals

Tow truck gals with Allan


Free Sabun Ajaib

Celebrity Leng Yein with her Pink Hummer

   CHT managed to giveaway 3600pcs of soap during the 2 days Mean Machine 2011 events.

   During this event, CHT debut its range of Car Care Products and CHT Car Wash shampoo is the official car shampoo for the Car wash photo shoot by International models. Black Hummer is the official car for this event.

CHT Car Wash Shampoo

Making of Bubbles for Ladies Car wash events

Organizers gals having fun bubbling

Model posing

Hummer wash with CHT Car wash shampoo

Nice pose

Nice Pose of International models

CHT Car wash shampoo nice bubbles

Pose with Back H2 Hummer;security personnel having hard time controlling crowd

A lot to see during the 2 days event!