Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Liquid Type Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap?

   It has been more than 3 years CHT standing its ground not to make body shampoo because of the chemical needed to make body shampoo. 
   But after CHT success in making of SLS/SLeS free 13Herbs Hair Shampoo, CHT will make Liquid Soap!

   But since without the use of SLS/SLeS, liquid soap will have lesser foam like 13Herbs Hair Shampoo,unlike the BV soap that use Sodium Hydroxide and oil to make foamy glycerin soap that is a top hit!
   This platform of less foam is not suitable for body shampoo because its require more soap to lather thus making it expensive to use. CHT will come out with another platform of harsh chemical free solutions. CHT is always "Natural" in mind.
   Give AG time to come out with another Hit best seller soon. There are many waiting customers wanted to try our liquid soap. Please be patient. Thanks.

Million Balm

   The second best seller after Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap is the Million Balm. 
   Best formulation for itchiness, skin diseases(best cure for eczema), headache, insect bites, blocked nose, burns, cracked heels, athlete's foot, softened hard skin, cuts, toothache, mouth ulcer, cracked lips, hemorrhoid, etc...whatever skin problems you can think of.

Acne Cream

   Best for pimples, acne, minor itch & acne scar.

Ginger Orange Magic Lotion

   Another of CHT Best Seller that is best for post-natal nursing, rheumatism, arthritis, relieving muscle & menstrual pain, balancing water retention, eliminating toxin, supporting collagen formulation and burning cellulite.
   Its non greasy and easy absorbing formulation is a hit among user and long lasting effects is another plus point.
   You only need a drop to feel the power of Bentong Ginger!

Ginger Soap

   Skin Toning, Balancing Water Retention, Dispel Wind & cool, Slimming and eliminating Toxin.

Hair Growth Tonic

   Best use after washing hair with 13 Herbs Hair Shampoo for higher percentage of hair growth!

How to use:
1) After washing hair with 13Herbs Hair Shampoo, dry hair with towel.
2) Spray a few drop onto scalp and massage.
3) Cover hair with Hair Cover for 15mins to 30mins.
4) Take off Hair Cover and leave on. 

Feminine Hygiene Wash

   Another Lady Lock flagship brand. Feminine Hygiene Wash with pH3.8, Biodegradable, SLS & SLeS Free, No Colorant and No Fragrance!
   Best use during period time. Prevent itch and foul smell at vagina area. Suitable for daily use too.

Hydrating & Skin Repair Whitening Essence

   Best Seller for Lady Lock flagship brand. Best for whitening, moisturizing, anti aging, firming, reducing scars, fine line, wrinkles and skin depression, soothing and hydrating(moisture lock).
   Can be used to replace expensive eye gel.

   Active ingredients include Super Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid, Vaccinum Angustifalium, Punica Granatum, Lavendula Angustifolia, Citrus Paradisi & Acacia Seyal Extract.

   Best use after washing with Natural Whitening Facial Handmade Soap. Then apply Pearl Cream after applying this Essence.

   2 weeks whitening guaranteed! 

Lucky Kafir Lime Soap

   We CHT give you the best Quality Kafir Lime scent compare to other manufacturer.

Pearl Sun Block

Pearl Sun Block
   SPF 30 Sun Block plus Whitening  and Anti Aging properties.

BB Cream Korea

BB Cream
   Korea All In One SPF30 Sun Block plus Foundation.

Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Face Cleanser

   Lady Lock flagship brand cleanser for normal and daily use. Its Natural Refreshing Facial Cleanser.

Hydrating Facial Toner


   Lady Lock flagship brand toner that is non alcohol for pores shrinking and also hydrating dull skins.

Penang Island Souvenir Soap

Penang Island shaped Souvenir Soap
   This is CHT toying of ideas to make Penang Island shaped soap as souvenir to tourist. We welcome souvenir soap distributors to make this a hit among souvenir shops. Or as company door gifts.

Natural Whitening Facial Handmade Soap

Natural Whitening Facial Soap

Natural Whitening Facial Soap is best for dull and dry skin. If you have oily skin and you need whitening also, or you want to lightened your acne scars. What can we do?

Allan Goh (AG) solution is to use both soap together in one wash.

AG 1. Oily skin - lather Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade soap (BV) 
                            to face first then without wash off,apply Whitening                                  
                            Soap (white soap) on top. Then wait for 1 or 2 min
                            before rinsing off.

AG 2. Acne skin - a) lather BV to the face and rinse off.
                              b) reapply BV and White soap together.
                              c) wait 1 or 2 mins then rinse off.

  Currently, they are some customers(well to do) that use this soap for whole body cleansing and they told me they are happy with the results. AG of course is happy too getting this good feedback.

  This white soap is available at our CHT stalls and selected saloons in Northern Region only. You can get this soap by buying online or delivered right to you by calling us.
   Best formulated for:
Whitening, Conditioning, Smoothing, Natural UV & X-ray protection, Moisturizing, Reducing white & black head, Shrink pores, reducing scars & redness, minor sunburn, inflammation, pigmentation, anti bacterial, minor itching, insomnia, calming, improving skin elasticity, regeneration of skin cells, minimize fungus growth, etc...