Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Revisited Sandakan: Post Sandakan Pictures

   So happy to be able to meet up with regular users from Sandakan again. A lot of people came back to buy #LipasRepellent , #MBA and #CHTSabunAjaib.

   Base on the trust of #CHT brand, they tested other products like #HerbaNIQ #MosquitoesRepellent , #WhiteningSeaweedSoap and #13HerbsHairShampoo.

   #ThankYou so much for the support and trust. And I appreciated all your recommendations of CHT products to your relatives and friends. Thank You. Terima Kasih.

Oh ya. CHT products are available in Shell station counter Batu 8 (opposite Petronas). Top up from there ya. See ya soon.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Exciting Tawau Expo

   Meet with lot of interesting people in Tawau. Thank you for believing the first time. So many good feedback from the first time users after a few bath or application only.

My very first bulk buy customer and NOW my agent in Tawau.

Repeating customers. Right: My good friend Darwin, came
all the way from Kuching to meet me.

The famous Dental Specialist in Tawau also supported me
and so kind to recommend an agent to me in Tawau. TQ sir!

Repeating users

Repeating users

Repeating users

Repeating users. Right: My last customers that bought
all my soaps on my table! TQ. 

Eczema sufferer finding cure with my CHT Sabun Ajaib products.
Seeing his skin remind me of myself when I am young and
suffered the same skin disease. So happy to see his eczema
dried up after 2 days of using. Must thank his mother for
believing at first. And himself for wanting to try!
   Tawau wanting to buy CHT Products can go to Eastern Plaza 1st floor , AVIS Collections. Or Puan Sullah @Taman Ambar , tel  019-823 4079 or 019-863 4306
Thank You. See you all soon.