Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lipas Repellent Ajaib

   Came all the way from Berapit to my factory in Bukit Minyak to buy the lipas repellent Ajaib. His mother purchase before during expo in Autocity.
   He put inside his car. He said effectively no more cockroaches and smell good too. He followed my advice of 4 bullets per car.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Official !

   Yes! It's Official! CHT Sabun Ajaib will be in Tesco Stores after CNY. Horse Year, Good Year for CHT! 
What's next? More surprising news soon!

Bunting Advertisement For Sungai Ara Organic Shop

   The second day of this Advertisement Bunting hung up, CHT Products all sold out! Need to replenish by sending the goods to the shop owner home on Sunday afternoon! Because her shop only open in the morning (wet market).

Bleeding Cracked Lips Almost Cured In A Day Without Any Purchase!

   This Bangladeshi showed up at my roadshow stall in Jelutong wet market on Friday showing me his bleeding cracked lips. I asked him to apply MBA (Million Balm Ajaib) without asking him to buy because of his "kesian" face.
   Next day on Saturday he came back to show me his lips almost cured. Only after 1 time application! He bought the big MBA! And I am so happy for him and myself, for I know I have helped another man.

PIHEC 2014 : Not much people but the Response is Good!

Regular users. Always bought CHT Sabun Ajaib
from PURE Pharmacy in Sunshine Square.

HPA distributor tried my soap on the first day
and recommend my soap to all her HPA friends,
also bought a lot for herself.

Came back for a lot of Lipas Repellent.
Last year PIHEC 2013, the lady bought 1 pc to try and this year
PIHEC 2014 came back for 2 dozens! Avid user now!

Her sister ask him to come to Penang SPiCE to buy even
though their home is near my CHT Factory in Bukit Minyak!
The power of special promotion pricing during expo/roadshow!
The handsome guy bought from KL before and came back
to buy more in Pg. 13Herbs user! The kid with sensitive skin
came back for more! Thanks!

   For the user of CHT products in Penang, you can find my products (Lipas Repellent, MBA and CHT Sabun Ajaib) inside Sunshine Square; PURE Pharmacy. All PURE Pharmacy in Penang carry CHT products.

   Also in Tanjung Bungah Pharmacy or the listing link here.
If they don't carry MBA or Lipas Repellent, please ask them to order for you.

   Got lot of calls from SP that bought the soap during PIHEC 2014. Please go to Nazifa Pharmacy in Taman Ria, Sungai Petani.
Tel: 04-441 2326

For Balik Pulau users that called, please go to the both pharmacy in Balik Pulau to buy. They only stocked CHT Sabun Ajaib. For others, please ask them to order for you. Or proceed to Sunshine Square. Sorry for the inconveniences. 

Thank You for the Believe!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Free CHT Sabun Ajaib at the Venue listed

Free CHT Sabun Ajaib worth RM13.90 each at the venue listed. Only 72pcs of Sabun Ajaib per venue. Also other giveaways too.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

SPice(PISA) Jan 17th To Jan 19th Ekspo Halal Antarabangsa Ke-5 (PIHEC 2014)

CHT Sabun Ajaib will be here from 17th Jan to 19th Jan 2014. Booth 128.
10am to 8pm. Special pricing for CHT Sabun Ajaib and Twin pack offer.
See ya.

Monday, January 06, 2014

CHT Sabun Ajaib: Best Response Ever! Last day at Malaysia Food Festival 2014

Repeat Users coming back for more!

Yeah! Thanks for the thumbs up!

The best CHT products!

Back for more!

Coming back for more CHT products!

Yeah! CHT Sabun Ajaib!

Yeah! Back for more Lipas Repellent! This guy came back
for more Lipas Repellent. He bought from my competitor
during the expo, and also bought from me. But today he
came back to buy my Lipas Repellent again & with thumb up.
 U know la...
   CHT Booth 2024, dubbed the busiest booth in Malaysia Food Festival 2014 Expo. Talking non stop from 10am to 8pm! First time in CHT history! Even the neighboring booths saluted!

   Its tiring indeed but satisfied and happy with so many repeat customers coming back and helping me promoting my CHT products! 

Thank You KL and hope to see you again! Will be going North, Kelantan and Terengganu to do roadshows after CNY. Going to concentrate on my new GMP factory set up for now.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Tiring 2nd Day of Malaysia Food Festival 2014!

Repeat Users!

Familiar faces that came back for more Lipas Repellent!
Thanks for the thumb up.

Repeat users!

13Herbs Hair Growth Shampoo user(white tee guy)came back
for more 13Herbs! Happy that my 13Herbs help his hair
start growing. Hopefully the front will grow back too!

Hey, there are a lot of people following my Blogspot and Facebook to see when I am back to KL for more roadshow. 

Today is a very busy day with lot of people coming back for more CHT Sabun Ajaib, Million Balm Ajaib and the hottest selling Lipas Repellent!

Tomorrow last day and I anticipated more people coming back for more! Please don't be camera shy!

Friday, January 03, 2014

CHT Sabun Ajaib: Promising 1st Expo in Year 2014 : Malaysia Food Festival 2014

Before the start of Malaysia Food Festival 2014

Nicely arrange!

Repeat users from PWTC last week! The orange shirt guy
been asked by his boss to come over to buy 3 bottles
of MBA and 1 dozen of soaps. His boss skin disease
getting better after the boss mom bought for her to try
in MITC Melaka!

Repeat users! The ladies on the bottom bought lot of
Lipas Repellent after try using bought from PWTC.
The pink shirt lady on the bottom came back to tell me
repeated that"Its surprisingly working!" for the lipas repellent!

Repeat user that bought lot of CHT products!
   Its a busy first day at Malaysia Festival Food 2014. Lot of repeat users came back for more! 
   Happy moment when a lady approached my booth and tell me repeatedly "Its surprisingly working!". She told me last time she bought lot of repellent products but all not working. When she bought last week in PWTC, she don't believe it will work. Maybe she bought them when she saw lot of people buying,she also buy lo.
She came back for more lipas repellent with so many phrase "Its surprisingly working!". I told her, my products is available in pharmacy. Pharmacy will not take products from unreliable source!
NOW Believe me!

Thank You for my first happy day! Looking forward for tomorrow and Sunday! I believe more will come!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

NTV7 Interview at R&R Rawang after spotted CHT Sabun Ajaib Van!

sorry for wearing slippers but camera on the face only
   NTV7 Reporter spotted CHT Sabun Ajaib van and requested for an interview. They recognized the soap.
   But the interview is not bout the soap but the PLUS hiding the 20% rebate for Touch & Go card holder!
Because as frequent traveler, the rebate will save a lot for us! Everything up but rebate a secret!