Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yes! CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd GMP Certificate.

   Qualified for the second time since 2014. Thank You all the staffs for making this a success.
Thank You all Distributors and Agents for pushing CHT Products.
And a big THANK YOU to all my customers and regular users for believing and continue to support CHT Products. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Post Tawau Expo Sept 2016

Fuyoo...they bought total 108pcs. Another 36pcs not in pic
but I secretly took her pic from the back! And when she
helped me promote to other visitors. TQ so much.

Another family with 1 ctn purchase of Sabun Ajaib Premium
and other CHT products. TQ so much.
This is the lady which helped me sold 50pcs and 36pcs
on her hand. The shy lady.

Came back 2 days in a row. TQ for the support!

One happy family. Their kid pimples gone! The mom use
whitening seaweed soap & father testing 13 Herbs Hair Shampoo

Thank you for the thumb up. And another shy lady.
Bought twice 2 dozens.

Thanks for the pictures. The parents so shy...

Pimples cured from previous expo bought. See me so happy.
Right: Back for more. TQ

Thank you for helping me promote my products to visitors.
I am so happy Tawau users so "warming"

TQ so much.

Pay money without taking anything. Need to wait me post!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Post KK One Borneo Pictures

   Thank You; Repeating Customers of Kota Kinabalu. KK users can buy CHT Sabun Ajaib Premium from E.Noveal One Borneo 2nd floor. E.Noveal only have the soap, other products please find my agents.
   Or my agent at Lintas Square (May&May Sandwich House, same row as Maybank).

Left: familiar right? Yes. Mr Lim came back for more.
Last week in Imago bought 1 dozens!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

International Repeating Users @ Imago KK

From China

Right: Repeating customers from Tawau

A few months problem cured in a day with #MBA

Mr Lim from Labuan. Mosquitoes Repellent supporter

Left: Repeating users from UK. Tested Sabun Ajaib
for Sun burnt skin and Mosquitoes Repellent to repel
mosquitoes. And tadaa, back for more!

Shy customers. 3 MBA & 2 dozen soaps
Lipas Repellent 100pcs!

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From Taiwan! They just loved the Ginger Lotion.
They bought a total of 6 bottles of Ginger Lotion

Play cool 

The family from China. Will continue buy from Taobao!