Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CHT news update

   With the collaboration of CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and KAT Personal Care Manufacturer Sdn Bhd, we will see more high end natural personal care products coming out soon.   
   BB Cream will also see the improving version from end of September 2011 because we acquire the Korean technology to be make here in Malaysia.
   From October 2011, you will see more products hitting the market; like H2O plus whitening gel, Pre & Post Hair Growth Tonic, Liquid Whitening Facial Cleanser, Bamboo Vine-Mint (BV) Body Shampoo (this is what a lot of customers are requesting for the past two and the half years!) I decided to listen to my loyal customers after I have perfected the natural base shampoo formulation. 13Herbs Hair Shampoo is also using the same platform natural shampoo base but less foam.
   FYI, CHT is also a shareholder in KAT Personal Care Manufacturer Sdn Bhd. KAT is a GMP factory located in Bukit Tengah, Prai.

Bio-degradable Feminine Wash, Propolis & Collagen Facial Soap

   CHT will launch another products after Raya, the most natural pH3.8 Bio-degradable Feminine Wash. You need this feminine wash to take good care of your pubic area. 
   For another High End Facial Soap that you are looking for if you believe in CHT reputation as a Soap Expert. Propolis & Sea Marine Collagen Facial Soap will debut soon. We will be using the Brazilian Propolis from a reputable importer and pure skin absorb-able sea marine collagen from UK.
   This is a limited edition handmade soap with only a few soap per outlet. FYI, a lot of manufacturer just use cheap collagen that our body or skin cannot absorb for the name sake of collagen only.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Whitening Result In 2 Weeks Guaranteed!

Natural Whitening Facial Soap
   CHT proudly announced the launching of Natural Whitening Facial Soap. You can see fairer u within 2 weeks. Because of the natural ingredients of soya extract, you will see desirable result after 3 days use only!
   This Facial Soap is very suitable for very dry skin and all skin type because the natural ingredients will balance the skin oil after a few uses.
   Treatment area include face, neck, armpit and between pubic & thigh area that you think need to be fairer.
    Natural Whitening Facial Soap is formulated for whitening, conditioning of skin, smoothing, natural UV & X-ray protection, moisturizing, reducing blackhead, declogged pores, shrink pores, reducing scars, redness, minor sunburn, inflammation, pigmentation, pimples, acne, balancing skin oil, skin allergies, anti bacterial, itching, insomnia, calming, improving skin elasticity, regeneration of skin cells, minimize fungus growth, etc.
    This specially formulated soap contains natural UV & X-ray protection that is vital for aging skin. 

   If u have sleepless night(insomnia) or stress after work, this soap can help you clear your minds and relax!
   After a few wash, you will notice your skin elasticity improving (toing toing feel), smoother and better skin tone because of new skin cell replacing the aged cell.
   You must be wondering, can this soap really do what it claimed? 
I give u a chance to use with trial pack RM5.00 only(limited time). 
And you will believe me! 
   Cautions: Not for early month pregnancy use.
Please read packing sticker for instruction manual on how to use.

   I think this soap will surely beat the expensive soaps available on the market today. Don't believe? Try it!
   This is another Miracle Soap! Sabun Ajaib! 

Closed For Raya from 27/8/11 to 4/9/11

   CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is closed from 27th August 2011 to 4th September 2011 for Raya Celebration. Operation resumes as usual from 5th September 2011.
               Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Calender 2012

Basic 2012 Calender

     CHT will distribute 2012 Horse Racing Calender starting November 2011. 10,000 copies for my loyal customers nationwide. First come, first take basis. Thanks.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

CHT In Autocity Prai from 23rd to 25th Sept 2011

   Visit us at Autocity Prai from 23rd Sept to 25th Sept 2011. Time 6pm to 11pm.
   Mainland customers, see you there!
Great Pricing!

Grandeur Of Beauty 2011

   CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd at Booth K19. Visit us for special pricing!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Sales Member

   Introducing new sales member, Mr Zakaria. He is in charge at marketing at Ceramah, Morning market and Pasar Malam at Northern Region. Together with his son conquering Malay market for CHT soap.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Now CHT Soap is in Terengganu

   Now CHT soap is available in Terengganu. Click on the Terengganu icon to see the listing. After Raya, we will see Malacca joining our listings.
   This is an effort by L&L Ceria Marketing as Exclusive State Level Distributors (ESD) which distribute to Terengganu & Kelantan states.


Monday, August 08, 2011

Beauty & The Soap

testimonial from Marble
   Testimonial from a model that used CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap. The testimonial is posted on Chin Hoo Trading wall on Facebook. That is what I mean with Beauty and the Soap! Our CHT soap can be associated with beauty, traveling, medicine, sports, etc.
   Marble will be furthering her studies in medicine in Ireland soon. I wish her good luck and safe journey.
Thank you very much for such a good comments.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Perak news : 17 new listing for Perak area

   CHT list in 17 new shops and pharmacies in Perak that carry the CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap under the state level Exclusive Distributor(ESD) program.
   Please see the updated new listing for Perak at the right side bar.
We are expanding nationwide. Will keep updating our database.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

CHT Photo Competition : More than RM1000 to be won!

CHT is organizing Photo Competition from 10th August to 31st December 2011. 3 Categories of competition for participants.

Category 1 : Beauty & The Soap
Category 2 : The Sporty Soap
Category 3 : The General Soap

  List Your Participating Category and tell us why you are using the CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap and benefits; testimonials.
  All photo must have the presents of CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap to qualify for competition.
 Sample above you can list as Category 3 : The General Soap , meaning whatever things that is not fall in Category 2 or Category 3.
   If a lady/girl is posing with the soap is listed as Category 1 : Beauty & The Soap.
   If male/female wearing sports wear is listed as Category 2 : The Sporty Soap.
Its easy!!! Just be creative and snap to win!!!

First Prize:
Cash RM200 + CHT Hampers worth RM102.00

Second Prize:
Cash RM100 + CHT Hampers worth RM102.00

Third Prize:
Cash RM50 + CHT Hampers worth RM102.00

Special Prize for Category 1: Beauty & The Soap
A chance to appear in CHT Magazine cover girl.

Special Prize for Best Testimonials. (1 winner only)
1 year supply of CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap(12 pcs of 100gm soap)

Each category winner will win Cash Prize RM50 before competing for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize !!!

Terms & Conditions:
1) You can send as many entries as you like but different creativity or sexiness thru self take(hp camera), DSLR or normal camera with at least 1MB size image. 
2) Each photo must be accompanied by CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap.
3) Each photo must be accompanied by at least 160 words of testimonial in writing thru email.
4) Photo taken for the competition will be owned by CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and have the rights for publicity purpose, including personal info.
5) Email photo to bamboosoap@gmail.com
6) With name, address, contact number, IC no, photo location, testimonials & Category.
7) CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd have the rights to amend or alter the images for the use of Publication purposes.
8) Winners will be announced on 5th January 2012 thru email or hp contact.

Any inquiry, please email to bamboosoap@gmail.com or hp no 012-4232615

Monday, August 01, 2011

13 Herbs Hair Shampoo New Bottle

   13 Herbs Hair Shampoo now pack in Amber Bottle to better preserve the shampoo natural ingredients inside.
  CHT 13 Herbs Hair Shampoo contain NO SLS/SLES, NO Paraben, NO Mineral Oil and NO Formaldehyde.
   Advantages for itchy scalp, anti hair loss, anti dandruff, stimulate hair growth, grey hair control, anti frizz, cracked tips, smooth and silky hair.