Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Longer Lasting Handmade Soap

Longer lasting #CHTSabunAjaib, use dishwasher sponge
bought from MrDIY outlets. RM3 for 2pcs or the yellow
sponge that cost RM1.80 for 2pcs. Put the sponge below
the soap to prevent bath water from soaking.
The bigger the holes the better. Water passing thru the sponge
faster and prevent stagnant bath water from spoiling our
handmade soap. Handmade soap not nice to wash if become
whitish or finished faster if soften. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

All CHT Products Are Now HALAL JAKIM Certified

*Renewed 1st August 2017. Expired 31st July 2020*
Pls check at JAKIM website for authentication. TQ.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Melaka MITC Jun 2015 Roadshow

Left: Regular Users
Right: Back for more #NIRA #LipasRepellent

Regular Soap Users

Regular Soap Users

Regulars: Familiar faces

Applied #MBA #MillionBalmAjaib on one of his worst affected
hand only and came back in 1 hour to show me no more peeling.
Comparison picture. So happy!

Repeat users

Regulars from previous Expo

Regulars. Left: Bought 2 dozens!


Left: Came back for #MBA
Right: Came back for #LipasRepellent

Left: Repeat for Pimples Cream & SabunAjaib
Right: Repeat users

Left: Repeat users of #MBA that bought 3 bottles
Right: Repeat users of #MBA & #13HerbsHairShampoo

Repeat user of  #whiteningsoap and #LipasRepellent

Left: Repeat user of #MBA that bought 3 bottles
Right: Bought 45pcs of #LipasRepellent

Regulars user of  #CHTSabunAjaib

Regulars that bought 1 dozen of  #CHTSabunAjaib !

Left: Came back for 45pcs of  #LipasRepellent, they bought
before from previous Expo @MITC.
Right: Repeat users of  #CHTSabunAjaib

Left: Came back to buy another 2 bottles of  #Herbaniq
#MosquitoesRepellent as she tested the effectiveness
the previous night! And also top up the #CHTSabunAjaib
Right: #MBA Repeat users

#MBA #MillionBalmAjaib repeat users. Bought 3 and 4
bottles respectively. 

Left: #LipasRepellent repeat user.
Right: The little gal love #MBA for her mosquitoes bite!

Left: Repeat buyer of  #GingerLotion
Right: 1 dozen of #CHTSabunAjaib

Left: #LipasRepellent repeater
Right: Repeat user of #MBA #MillionBalmAjaib, he told
me, been using the balm for everything including urut
(massage) his joint pain. He said very good! Another first
for the #MBA as a massage balsam!

Left: Came back to buy #CHTSabunAjaib and #MBA because
his wife tested the previous day. His wife suffer itchiness
for months after swimming pool outing. Her hands and legs
all red large spots. Doctors and Pharmacists recommendation and
even sinseh also tried. Only 1 day use, her wife told us hands no
more itch and leg area minor itch. Back to buy more! The wife refuse
to take pic together lo.
Right: Repeat users that bought 1 dozen!

The repeat users that came back to buy #CHTSabunAjaib 

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Kota Bharu Roadshow 2015

Lipas Repellent Repeat Users from last year CHT Roadshow

Left: Repeat User of Lipas Repellent from last year roadshow
Right: #CHTSabunAjaib repeat users

Left: Tested and came back to buy for his sister! No more itch!
Right: Repeat user from last year expo

Left: Tested #MBA; MillionBalmAjaib for his resdung
and came back to buy 3 bottles of MBA
Right: The kids just love the soap!

Left: Repeat user of #NIRA Natural Insect Repellent Ajaib
Right: Repeat user of #CHTSabunAjaib

Cikgu Zila came back to buy the #CHTSabunAjaib because
their daughter head lice just fell off when they washed
her hair, just like the way I taught them.
Thank you for believing

The lady is a lecturer in USM Kubang Kerian and always
recommended #CHTSabunAjaib to her students with
pimples. Her family is now CHT SabunAjaib regular users.
Always stock up from a well known shop in KB called
Cina Cabang, that stock our soap!