Monday, June 25, 2012

Salute Sabah Exclusive Distributor!

   I was informed that CHT famous soap is selling very well in KK Sabah. My Salute to Sabah Exclusive Distributor. I am still waiting for the listing from them to be put here so that mail order customers can save on Delivery charges. 
   Please be patient my royal customers in Sabah and Sarawak.

Another 20 Outlets in Pahang & Expanding!

   Thank You Mr Lee for expanding CHT soap networks in Pahang. We have another 20 outlets in Pahang and Mr Lee is working hard to promote CHT famous soap in Pahang and bringing CHT soap nearer to you.
   Please see the Pahang listings(link here) for outlets near you, especially Bentong, Raub and Triang mail order users. Now you can save on delivery charges!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Green Fiesta

Allan with CM YAB Lim Guan Eng 16-6-2012
click on the pic for more pictures link

   CHT is actively involved in Green Event organized by Penang State Government and NGOs.

   CHT Green Motto "Go Green,Go Natural;Save Earth,The CHT Way!

   With every Green Citizen Pledge, CHT soap is given as a gift token in educating people the use of natural products and the care of mother Earth.

 Remember to recycle all CHT casings, stickers, packing boxes, etc.
Soap Casings and stickers are PVC and boxes are papers.

  Enjoy the CHT Soap while Mother Earth Enjoy The Greener You too!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IFoodEx 2012 Day3

Calling for participants for Speed Rush II Pt2
Explaining the rules of Speed Rush II
And explaining...


More explaining....

When are we starting???
First Round started!

And we have our 1st Winner!

1st heat winner won Ginger Orange Magic Lotion
and stand to win Grand Final Hamper 

More Round/Heat

The Winner

Stop! Not yet!

More winner!

And The Prize...

More round...

More Winner

And Winner again!

Heat Winner and Grand Final Finalist
The Grand Final Winner! Congrats!

Crowded CHT Booth

CHT Staff explaining

First time user! Wanna guess  how much she bought?

First day, she bought 1 soap to try and on the third day, she
came over to buy whole range of CHT products X2 sets
(another set for her sister). She tried CHT famous soap
because her skin is sensitive and for only 1day, she knew!

Tiring event but successful branding

The creative set up by CHT staff; not like last year pasar malam set up!

Hard at work to promote
"All Work & No Play, Make Allan a Dull Boy!"
U know wat I meant, right?

Pretty CHT staffs

Good promo
Speed Rush II, Pt2 Hamper & Heat Gifts

   3 Days Successful Branding and Promotion of CHT Products for the IFoodEx 2012. 
   For all new customers or users, be proud of yourselves for believing the famous handmade soap in Northern Region and trust me, the soap will do wonders for your skin, that's why the name "Miracle Soap" or Sabun Ajaib.
   You can find my soap nationwide and for Korean friends, email me and I can post my soap to you in Korea.감사합니다

Sunday, June 10, 2012

IFoodEx 2012 Day 2

First Time CHT Soap User 

Allan with Successful Branding Consultant & Ex Beauty Queen

Loyal User of  CHT Soap

Another Loyal User; RM50 purchase free paper bag. Oh! She got 3!

Winner Speed Rush II

Winner Speed Rush II

CHT co sponsor hampers for all events in IFoodEx 2012

Can u see the CHT soap?

Now can u see it?

Speed Rush II Part 1

Speed Rush II Part 1

Speed Rush II

Speed Rush II

Overall Winner for Speed Rush II Part 1

Group Photo for Speed Rush II

Tomorrow Part 2

   Today CHT got the opportunity to meet lot of first time users in IFoodEx 2012. I were told the same phrase over and over again.
   " I have read bout the soap long time ago in newspapers but Don't know how to find it"
   "I saw the flyers and TV advertisement but don't know where to find it"
Well, I need to work out a good solutions for this. Help me think, my dear blogspot reader friends.
Tomorrow last day. See you soon.

Friday, June 08, 2012

CHT in IFoodEx 2012 (1st day)

CM visiting CHT booth

Allan with CM YAB Lim Guan Eng 

Fun time with KOFTA delegates

culture show by KOFTA

visitors at CHT booth

With MyFM staff, also CHT soap loyal user

With Korean KOFTA(Korean Food Trade Association) delegates

Allan beat up BlackBall mascot!

With cute 13yrs old Korean delegates

With KOFTA delegates

CM YAB Lim Guan Eng 

CHT Booth with CHT staffs