Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Post Sandakan Expo Pictures

Left: Tested and back to buy more for friends
Right: My last customers that cleared my stocks!

Whole family usings! Bought 1 ctn of #CHTSabunAjaibPremium

   Thank You Sandakan Users for supporting CHT products. Will be meeting you all soon, hopefully! You can now buy at Shell station counter Mile 8 (opposite Petronas).

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Dark Spot Fading Testimonial Pic

Thank You for the Testimonial Pics

   With the help of my customer's testimonial pictures, that other people will believe. Its so hard to convince people that cheap products also can help their skin problems. 
   A lot of my customers sympathize me and help me by sending me their improved results testimonials.
   Seeing a boss himself standing at the exhibition booth promoting his products. Or hearing other visitors ridicule my products. My customers really help me! Help spreading good words, help me promoting. 
   Thank You so much! I couldn't survive for 8 years without you all! Thank You!

Friday, April 07, 2017

Post Miri Expo: Permaisuri Imperial Mall & Bintang Mall

Thank You Miri Users & Repeating Users. See You All Very Soon.

Left: My most sporting and huge supporter of CHT products
Right: They just loved the HerbaNIQ Mosquitoes Repellent

Left: Another record holder of Lipas Repellent buyer
Total 140pcs.

Post Tawau Expo

Thank You Tawau Users & Repeating Customers. See You All next year!