Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Post SHEDA Property Expo Pics in Kuching 2015

Left: The lady came back for RM100 #LipasRepellent
Right: Came back for #MBA & #CHTSabunAjaib as
the lady skin itch stop after using. TQ!

Bought before online #LipasRepellent for RM5 each with
RM10 delivery charges. Bought more.
She is so surprised to see the Lipas Repellent! And tell
the visitors the effectiveness. TQ! 

One of the exhibitor, Mr John that came back for more

This Sir taught me 1 thing on how to use the bullet (Lipas
Repellent) to repel lizard. He is so happy that his house no
more lizards call sounds. Info on the Lizard page here.

Repeating customers

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Exciting Seremban Taman AST Expo

Left: My very first customer in Seremban is also my repeating
customer that bought before in KL. Thank You.
Right: Repeating customer. He is also one of the exhibitor here. 

Left: Tested the Ginger Orange Magic Lotion and came back
to buy 2 bottles.
Right: Repeating customer. Thank you for support.

Left: Repeating customer from Melaka MITC Roadshow.
Make a call and pack 2 bags of #LipasRepellent.
Right: Repeating customer of #LipasRepellent

Left: Repeating customer, also 1 of the exhibitor.
Right: Repeating customer that bought almost RM600 of
CHT products. See their pic below. Real lucky couple.

Repeating customers that bought dozen of #CHTSabunAjaib

Repeating customers after tested free samples

Left: Repeating customer of #LipasRepellent
Right: Repeating customers of #LipasRepellent100 and
1 dozen of #CHTSabunAjaib. TQ!

Applied MBA once without purchase and next day came
to tell me the large lump subsided. So happy. She said she
tried lot of medication, cream and lotion but the hard thick
skin and lump still there. Applied once only!!!
#MBA #MillionBalmAjaib

So, she supported me! #MBA, #LipasRepellent &

Bought #Herbaniq #PimpleCream with #CHTSabunAjaib.
After 2 days, her friends ask her what she use to clear her
pimples. So happy, came to buy another set to standby.
Thank you for believing at first.

Left: Repeating customers.
Right: His father bought from MITC Melaka a few times,
saw me here in Seremban, bought again! TQ for the support!

Repeating customers of #LipasRepellent

Repeating customers

1st Prize Winner Lucky Draw

They won Perodua Axia worth RM22,000. They bought more
than RM1k of #CHT products. Thank you for believing at first
and came back for more. One lucky couple.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Melaka FAMEX 2015: Incredible The Pictures!

Left: Tested #Herbaniq #MosquitoesRepellent on first day,
came back for 1 dozen! She said never bought before so long
lasting mosquitoes repellent.
Right: 3 dozens of #CHTSabunAjaib bought!

You see!!!! Bought in cartons!
And bulks! Save a lot!

Repeating customers

Familiar faces, right? Thank you!

A Dozen buyers 

A dozen bought! TQ! My last customer in FAMEX 2015

Left: Came back for #13HerbsHairShampoo
Right: Previous Expo bought #LipasRepellent, now buy more

#LipasRepellent repeating customers

Left: Previous expo, recommended Pimples set. Came back
for more.
Right: Familiar face. TQ

Left: Repeating customers of MBA and soap
Right: Bought 1 dozen of #Herbaniq #PimplesCream,
previous expo tried the pimples cream set. Pimples
totally gone! Now buy for own use, relatives & friends.
Ppl will ask if they r curious when ur face suddenly cured!

Repeating customers

Repeating users

Familiar faces. U will see them when u browse thru
Melaka Expos. I love to take my regulars pics.

Another carton!

One big happy family!

Whole family is using now

Love the #LipasRepellent

Repeating customers

   This time FAMEX 2015 clashed with the BERSIH 4.0 causing drop of visitors to this event but luckily I have my regular customers came to support me. Thank You!

Labuan Pictures

This Bro last time working in Kedah, he bought before.
Now back to Labuan, he met me and bought Premium
Sabun Ajaib and also MBA. Thank You!

Left: Enforcer of KKM bought on first day, came back to buy
more and recommended to all of his friends, even bought
the Ginger Lotion after tested on first day.
Right: Repeating customers of Lipas Repellent & soap

MBA lover in Labuan

Left: Love the smell of Lipas Repellent
Right: Enforcer of KKM bought the soap on first day and
came back with his wife to buy more. 

Lipas Repellent & CHT Sabun Ajaib Premium customers

Left: Repeat customer.
Right: Her husband insist his wife to take pic together with me,
very friendly couple. Back to buy more as they love the soap
so much. Thank you! See you in KK.

Repeating customers

Tested and back for more Lipas Repellent and CHT Sabun Ajaib

Left: Repeating customers.
Right: At first, the couple wanted to buy all the remaining
3 dozens of soap on the table but they let other ppl buy
the remaining because my customers come back for more.

Left: All tested and came back for more.
Right: My last dozen snapped by them.

Whole family using

First Day 2 friends shared to buy 2bar of CHT Sabun Ajaib,
then last day bring all their friends to buy. Thank You!

   Its a festivity event during these 4 days in Labuan. Now we are waiting for my KK Distributor to find Agents in Labuan.
Anyone interested can call/sms/whatsapp me direct 0102323484.