Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Melaka Mega Expo October 2014

My Regular users

Regular Users

Regular Users

Regular Users. Right: Came back to try 13Herbs Hair
Shampoo and Ginger Lotion.

Regular Users

Regular Users

Regular Users

The kid love the CHT Sabun Ajaib soap so much. And right
is my repeat customer.

Regular Users. Right: The lady came to buy 1 dozen Ginger
Lotion after tried 1 the lotion the previous Expo in Melaka! 

Left: Love the Ginger Lotion so much and came to
buy more. Right is the repeat customers.

Came all the way from Ipoh to buy 5 dozen of CHT Sabun
Ajaib soap. Keep telling visitors she came from Ipoh to
buy my soap! And help me promote too. Thank you very
much for the support!

Remember him? He & his family that went to KL to buy
my soap during Mines Expo. Yes! They came back for more!
Buying 2 dozens of CHT Sabun Ajaib. Thank you for the
support! I know you are reading this now because you
are following my Blogspot & FB. Thanks!

Thank you for the support!

Back for more Lipas Repellent & CHT Sabun Ajaib.

Yeah! My regular users

Repeat Customers!

Lipas Repellent repeat users!

Love this loving couple! The lady keep telling my visitors
how good is my Lipas Repellent! Been using for 3 days
since day 1. She told them her house no more lizards
sound for 2 nights & no more lizard droppings at the area
that she put the bullet. Back to buy 2 more dozens!

My repeat customers for Lipas Repellent. Also CHT Sabun Ajaib
repeat users. This is the second time they came! Thank you!

CHT Sabun Ajaib regular users. The guy love to use my CHT
Ginger Orange Soap from my previous expo that he came
back to buy 1 dozen of CHT Ginger Orange Soap! So, he use
Ginger Orange Soap & his family using CHT Sabun Ajaib soap!

   This is a very exciting event with many repeat and regular users coming to stock up. In this event, I see the clearance of MBA (Million Balm Ajaib), CHT Sabun Ajaib, Ginger Orange Lotion, and Ginger Orange Soap. Even the free gift also running out of stock. 
   Luckily I have stock with my Melaka distributor. So, I borrow from him CHT Sabun Ajaib and MBA or else I would have nothing to sell on the third day! I clear off all his stocks! 
   So happy to see my regulars coming back and help me promote. After 6pm, all my stocks finished. After that, I guide them to buy at
pharmacies and Tesco Cheng.
   See you next year Melaka people! And also 1 lady from Ipoh! Thank you for the support and the believe of CHT products!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Melaka Again! Love The Warm Welcome!

   CHT Sabun Ajaib will be going to Melaka MITC again for the Mega Home Expo. 
                    See you there Melaka people!

MITC 9th to 12th October 2014. 11am to 10pm (Booth 190)