Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sold Out @Sandakan Too!

My last customers that came back to clear all my CHT
Sabun Ajaib stocks.
   Thank You Sandakan people for believing in me and #CHT products.
#MillionBalmAjaib #LipasRepellent and #CHTSabunAjaib all sold out before 4pm on the last day.
A lot of people came back to buy evening time but disappointed. No worry. I already found a agent to stock up CHT products.

Look for Ms Winnie after 26th April 2015. Her shop @ Bandar Utama. HP: 019-885 6286
I am happy people see business opportunity in CHT products during East Malaysia Expo.

I also post today a few orders. They paid me at Expo. Thank you. See you in October.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Very Good Response For The First Leg Of CHT Roadshow in East Malaysia! Miri!

The biggest supporter of #CHTSabunAjaib in Miri.
Bought RM330 worth of sabun!
Thank you for trying for the first time and
back for more!
   My first roadshow in East Malaysia, Miri, Sarawak gave me a very sweet memory. All my goods sold out before 6pm on the last day! Thank you for the support Mirian and believing for the very first time and came back for more!
   Believe it or not, I will be back in 1 month time on 24th to 26th April 2015! Waiting for my agent in Miri to do the arrangement. She saw this #CHTSabunAjaib potential and grab the opportunity fast! Looking at Sole Distributorship in Sarawak! 

Temporary, just go to ML Maju Pharmacy to replenish before buying bulk on April!

Penang PISA Good Response!

   Thank You Penang Users for supporting CHT Products for so long! Met quite a lot of users that been using for more than 5 years.
Also meet a few customers that had bought imitation Sabun Ajaib.
Well, don't like to comment much because my CHT Sabun Ajaib speak for itself. True color, GREEN with CHT logo! I just happily guide them to pharmacy near them. 
   #LipasRepellent and #CHTSabunAjaib sold out Sunday before 5pm! Thank You also for your concerns. I seldom go to wet market in Penang because I have lot of things to do @CHT factory and roadshows.

   Georgetown Pharmacy carry Lipas Repellent, MBA (Million Balm Ajaib) and also my famous CHT Sabun Ajaib! Replenish your stocks there! 

   Thank You again for believing me and supporting me all this while. Now CHT Sabun Ajaib is venturing into Sabah and Sarawak market, and hopefully Brunei and neighboring Borneo.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Photos From JB Expo

Hang Tuah from Kopi Hang Tuah also a regulars of
CHT Sabun Ajaib since 2 years ago. First met him
in Halal Fest KL.

Repeat customers

She told me to make the pic till nobody could recognized
her. Hope nobody can recognize her. She loves MBA very much.
Help her a lot she mentioned bout her skin dryness problem.

Regulars Users: Visitors to Penang Premium Tourism

 Not much crowd in sPICE Penang during the Penang Premium Tourism Fair 2015 but CHT is lucky enough to meet so many regulars.
There is one Aunty bought 80pcs of CHT Sabun Ajaib. She is from Bukit Jambul. 
Regular users. Thank you

Regular users! Thank you for the support!

Left: Bought before when we were in KLCC for the
KL Premium Tourism Fair 2014. Bought more #NIRA
because its effective! Thanks! Right: Regular users
of Penang wet market roadshow. Really supportive!
Bought Mosquitoes Repellent too. Thanks!

Bought 80pcs of CHT Sabun Ajaib and told us, she's been
using since 5 years ago! Thank you for supporting this
miracle soap! 

Saturday, March 07, 2015

CHT Biggest Booth Ever (20'x10') In SPICE(PISA) Penang

   CHT in PISA from 6th to 8th March 2015 for the Malaysia Premium Travel Fair. Time 11am to 8pm. Booth 29 and 30.
Come discover the CHT range of products. And see CHT biggest booth ever in Malaysia.

CHT Second & Third Killer Products!

Biggest Booth Ever (20'x10')

Booth no 29 & 30

Herbaniq brand range

Mosquitoes Repellent 

#NIRA (Natural Insect Repellent Ajaib)
on offer here. NRP RM5 per bullet

Herbaniq Odor Eliminator 

The difference between Pharmacy & TESCO packings

Northern Region will see CHT founder face on the
packing so customers will know how to differentiate
imitation and my #CHTSabunAjaib