Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CHT Sabun Ajaib: MITC Melaka 28 ~ 31 August 2014

Booth 223B (Front of REST Area)

Regular Users. They said where in Tesco Cheng??? " I cannot find!"
then they go finding in Mydin, Giant, Watson, Guardian...
Haiya...its in Tesco Cheng, SME lane la. Show them the pic.
"Ooooo!". Not at Soap area but SME lane.

So serious face the lady. Her face pimples cure after using
CHT Sabun Ajaib but after that not using because finished.
The pimples came back. So, stocked up 1 dozen!
 Right pic: The guy keep telling my booth visitors
how the soap help his daughter pimples on her body. He bought
products from pharmacy, doctor medication also unable to cure her.
After using CHT Sabun Ajaib, now pretty body already! So happy
hearing this! Thanks helping me promote. But I did get a scolding
from him because he cannot find the soap in Tesco Cheng Melaka.
Its at SME lane in Tesco Cheng la.

They bought 3 dozens of CHT Sabun Ajaib! All the hooha
when I packed for them! Its peak time at that time! And u know la
how the response after that. A guy also bought a dozen but never
use before after seeing them bought 3 dozens! Thanks.
repeat users

Repeat users. Right pic: Jessica bought CHT Sabun Ajaib
before and now back for more. She treat me a glass of Milo,

Repeat users

Repeat Users

Repeat Users. Left pic is CHT Sabun Ajaib regulars now.
Sorry ya. Recycled bag finished!

Repeat and regular user(right)

Repeat & regular users(right)

Remember? They are the one that went all the way to KL
from Melaka to buy 2 dozens of soap from me. Came to
support me and telling visitors how good is the CHT
Sabun Ajaib! Thank you very much!

Bought Lipas Repellent from previous expo in Melaka. Came
back to buy 64pcs of Lipas Repellent! When you know how
to use it, its very useful and effective! Thank you for the

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New KKM Approval : CHT Sabun Ajaib NOT140705022K

   CHT Sabun Ajaib new KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) number NOT140705022K.

It's notified by the name of Sabun Ajaib in KKM database with company name as CHT.

Currently the box packing bearing old NOT number NOT120300183K is still being used till the box finished. 

Please take note on this. Thanks.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Congratulations On The New Outlets Opening: CHT grow with You!

Congratulations! On the opening of new outlets by Alpro Pharmacy in Kemaman, Terengganu and Healthlane Family Pharmacy in Vista Damansara Damai, KL.

CHT is proud to grow with you!

Alpro Pharmacy 
Jalan Sulaimani, Bandar Chukai,
Kemaman, Terengganu

Healthlane Family Pharmacy
Vista Damansara Damai, KL
tel: 03-6140 3970

Alpro Pharmacy chain is growing rapidly in Pantai Timur area and Healthlane Family Pharmacy chain is expanding in KL. Both also support CHT products. 

Thank You and Congratulations!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Mines Mega Home Expo 2014

   CHT Sabun Ajaib will be here from 22 to 24th August 2014, 11am to 10pm. Booth number M359.
   Proton Saga as lucky draw Grand Prize for this event. See you there! 
   Bring more cash ya. And ready for photo shoot.

User for psoriasis problem. Already 40+ yrs disease. Finding
relief with CHT products.

Regular users

Left pic: Bought 4 bottles of 13Herbs Hair Shampoo and
right pic: Regular users from Penang. Now married & moved
to KL already. 

Familiar faces in KL.

Right pic: Bought lot of CHT products. Bringing CHT
products for relatives in Melaka. and own use.

Repeat customers

Left pic: First day bought a lot of CHT products(1 bag he
brought along) and last day came to buy more(2nd bag) 

Repeat users

Last minute shoppers as I was closing

Lesley Pharmacy in OUG (Taman Overseas Union)

Newly listed pharmacy in OUG KL. Lesley Pharmacy at 58, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2.
Tel: 03-7971 9766

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

KLCC Hall 5 from 8 to 10th August, 11am to 8pm

CHT Sabun Ajaib will be in KLCC Hall 5 from 8th to 10th August 2014. Time 11am to 8pm. Booth no 5012.
See Ya KL people.
Repeat users. Staffs of KLCC.

Holidays Inn boss and staffs