Monday, February 28, 2011

Selamat Datang ke Blog CHT Pembaca Harian Metro!

Selamat Datang Pembaca Harian Metro!

Sejak terpamparnya iklan Sabun CHT pada 25hb, 26hb dan 28hb Februari 2011. Terdapat banyak pertanyaan dari seluruh pelosok Malaysia! Tapi perlu saya minta maaf terlebih dahulu kerana senarai farmasi tidak lengkap di seluruh Malaysia.Dan tersilap cetak harga.
RM2.90 sebuku untuk pek percubaan.

Untuk pembaca yang tidak dapat beli sabun CHT di tempat mereka, jangan murka, anda boleh beli terus daripada saya melalui pos.
Khas untuk pembaca Harian Metro(masa terhad): Bank in RM10 untuk 3 buku sabun campur sekali kos pos ekpress. Sms saya dulu sekiranya ingin beli terus.

Terdapat banyak pertanyaan juga untuk menjadi agen. Adalah dinasihatkan dulu sebelum menjadi agen, anda perlu puas hati dan suka menggunakan sabun CHT ini terlebih dahulu. OK?

Terima Kasih.

Sila telefon atau sms lepas pukul 2petang sehingga 8malam.

Beware Of Dirty Tactics Use By Con Man!

Please Beware:

Its a heart ache seeing people being cheated by promoter that selling inferior soap from China!
Let me share with readers the tactic used and u can share with your family and friends:
1) They threatened the user of CHT green soap saying that the green soap is not suitable for face, because the green soap is only suitable for leg and body.They also claimed that got ppl after washing green soap,face spoiled! Its really unethical. Right? CHT soap sells in thousands already and high repeat sales volume. And they only sell the green soap(inferior quality soap from China which they claimed they made) cheap. And they sell their fruit soap expensive because they claimed better quality which in fact also China made soap!  The green soap don't have the quality and effectiveness of CHT soap!
2) Their dirty tactic; ask people to wash their one hand with their soap and compare with the unwashed side and claimed 3 secs only the hand washed is whiter! And people will buy from them. Kena cheat again!
Let me tell you: Sure whiter than the other hand! With what ever cleaning agent also can white, no need fruit soap! Even cheap body shampoo can do better! 
3) They claimed they are from factory with the name tag over their neck and take a photo of "don't know who" factory put on their table and claimed its their factory. Please see their name card and check out the address. Its a home address! Shameless lies!
4) Telling people that they can buy their soap at selected beauty saloon and organic shop. Can ask them to point out the shop name and try to find their soap there. Nothing! FYI, which beauty saloon wanna risk their business by selling their soap? Beauty saloon operator invest more than RM100k to start up and they will risk it by selling unlicensed soap? No KKM number? No SIRIM tested? Our CHT soap available at pharmacy and no bull, check the list yourself!
5) They claimed their fruit soap all natural. How many days fruit can last without spoiled when cut open? Please think by yourself. Only flavoring can last very long. Need I say more?
6) They claimed their soap also got Malaysia Government approval by showing the company registration number! And aunties believe it. FYI, company registration is only for the company, Government approval for soap is from Health Ministry with code MAL or KKM or NOT follow by numbering. Example:
CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (930480-P)
CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Soap (KKM NOT100200429K)  
7) They are telling people they sell their soap and other products monthly by 20 feet and 40 feet "containers"! KL ppl, hv u heard? Ipoh ppl, hv u heard?Sabah?Sarawak? Where does the containers go? Shameless con man!
8) They told ppl that a Japanese professor sell them the formula for RM60,000 and sometimes RM25,000 and sometimes RM40,000 (inconsistent figures) and he also fly all the way from Japan to attend his dinner only. Who in the right mind to believe this? Sometimes their soap are from Japan, sometimes from Korea, sometimes Holland, sometimes Taiwan, sometimes Thailand. Y never mentioned China?
9)FYI, a lot of ppl that known him at wet market known him as BIG CANNON! So, please beware and dun kena cheat! A lot of aunties that kena cheat, they use back the CHT soap after finding their soap ineffective. I m happy they use back my CHT soap but there are lot more potential victims that don't know and will be cheated! Please let your family and friends know. Why let him cheat ppl again? It maybe U next because the way he talk is convincing.
10) There are more but I think this is enough to expose him of his lies.

CHT soap use only good Quality Oil and all natural ingredients. We have KKM number and SIRIM tested! We never exaggerate with whole bunch of lies! We are straight! We are popular! And most important We are still the Best!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

CHT Soap reached Johor Bahru alr!

Hooray... CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Soap reached Johor Bahru alr! First pharmacy listing is New Life Pharmacy located at Austin Boulevard, Taman Mount Austin.
So, CHT soap user in Johor and Singapore can go to this pharmacy to buy instead of buying online or goods delivered by courier service which cost more.
In Masai also we have a distributor Mr Liew.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Broken English

I was told that my blog English language is so broken! Hahaha.... Sorry la. English Not International standard yet but the soap YES lor. Salute for da GOOD SOAP! A reminder to all school going friends,pls study proper English & all subjects so tat won't get embarrassing remarks from others. Thanks mate for the info.