Monday, October 26, 2015

Post Autocity Pics : 4 days Raining Headache!

Left: Tested #GingerOrangeMagicLotion and loved it.
Right: My regulars

Left: #CHTSabunAjaib regulars and now back to buy
#GingerOrangeMagicLotion. TQ!
Right: #CHTSabunAjaib regulars.

Left: Previously bought and now back for more
Right: They (the pretty wife shy to be photographed) tested the ‪#‎LipasRepellent‬ and
 came back to buy 4 dozens. She said the lizards din laughed at them
already last night. (Meaning no more lizards noise ). Haha....

Thank you. The husband also bought ‪#‎13HerbsHairShampoo‬ to test on his crown.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Post Melaka MITC Oct 2015 Expo

Left: Previous Expo tested #CHTSabunAjaib and #LipasRepellent
Came back to support and telling visitors she loved the soap!
Right: Came back for the #LipasRepellent

Left: Regular coming back for 1ctn #CHTSabunAjaib
Right: Back for more #LipasRepellent

Tested and back for more #GingerOrangeMagicLotion

Left: Tested #CHTSabunAjaib & came back the next day!
Right: My regular customer in Melaka

Left: Back for more #LipasRepellent
Right: Familiar faces of my regular users in MITC

Left: On top got her pic lo. This time bring her family to support.
Right: They tested #CHTSabunAjaib & #PimplesCream,
back for more! TQ!

Left: Tested #CHTSabunAjaib and back to top up & wanna try
Right: Back for more #SabunAjaib & #MBA

Left: Back for more #GingerOrangeMagicLotion
Right: Familiar faces, back for #MBA

My regular customers in Melaka. TQ for support! The lady
on the right has been using #CHTSabunAjaib for almost
2 years. She bought at Tesco Cheng.

Left: #CHT regular users.
Right: Tested & back for more!

Left: Back for more #LipasRepellent
Right: Back for more. TQ!

Left: Back for more #MBA Million Balm Ajaib
Right: Back for more #MBA & #GingerOrangeMagicLotion

Familiar faces! Thank you for the support! Bought a dozen each

Tested #CHTSabunAjaib & #MBA for his eczema skin.
Back for more the next day because the redness and red spot
getting lesser and no more itch! Thank you for believing at first!

Back for more! Regular users now. Back for more #CHTSabunAjaib
and #LipasRepellent. TQ!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Post KL MidValley IT Expo Pics

Left: Kak Nurul with 1 ctn soap.
Right: Came all the way from Seremban to top up more.
Bought in Seremban 10 days ago. Winner of Axia. Remember?

Familiar faces. TQ so much

Back for more!

Repeat Customers
Right: Mr Ding, 13 Herbs Hair User & now an agent

Repeating customers
Left: Came back to try Acne Soap, #Herbaniq Pimple Cream
on top of the dozen #CHTSabunAjaib

Regular users now

Left: Tested #GingerLotion the day before on his wife leg.
Came back to buy. From UAE.
Right: Users that bought from Tesco Halal Department
Back for a dozen #CHTSabunAjaib #AloeVera-ed

Left: Repeating customer of #GingerLotion
Right: Repeating customer of #LipasRepellent

Regular users. Thank you!

All the way from Seremban too! Thank you for the
support, Grace and Andrew!

Left: The aunty in white shirt previous night came to buy
#whiteningsoap and today brought her sister to top up
Right: Tested and back for more! TQ

Repeating customers!

Kak Nurul's Daughter Found Relief For Eczema Problem With CHT Sabun Ajaib

Thank You! Another Driving Force For CHT. TQ Kak Nurul.

The Most Powerful Testimonial Pics Submitted By User, Mr Maslan

   Thank You so much Mr Maslan. Your testimonial will be my driving force to help more people in Malaysia and hopefully the world 1 day. Malaysia Boleh! 

   Malaysians must have the mentality that local Malaysian products also can or do better than foreign products! 

Thank You for believing. My motto  : "Cheap & Effective!"