Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CNY 3 days off!

Chinese New Year 2011, CHT only close for 3 days; 2nd February to 4th February.

We, all the staff of CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, CHT Marketing & Chin Hoo Trading wish All Our Valued Customers :

               Happy Chinese New Year!

     May this year of Rabbit bring u prosperity & fortune!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This little green soap start off Chin Hoo Trading(CHT) till becoming CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Thinking of earning a living by creating a niche market for soap lover as starter, has now becoming a household name in Northern Region of Malaysia. We are still the Best Seller Handmade Soap In Northern Region!
Now we are thinking big! We wanna make this soap famous whole Malaysia! We have the success ingredients but we lack human resources! Wanna join the CHT Group Of Companies? 
Email us: bamboosoap@gmail.com

CHT still have a long way to go! We will make it happen! Lets grow together!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chin Hoo Trading(CHT) is now CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Chin Hoo Trading(CHT) is now known as CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. Will start operating from April 2011.

CHT now have 2 marketing arm and a manufacturing plant.
- CHT Marketing dealing in CHT products and also serve as merchandise broker for other brands to be included in our list of  pharmacy, hospital and clinic. Currently having more than 50 and counting established pharmacy listed.
- Chin Hoo Trading(CHT) name will be kept and will be dealing in retailing to end user for mass market.
- CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd will concentrate in rolling out a wide range of products with Natural and Green Technology in mind; producing safer products for consumers and environments.
The CHT logo is the trademark logo 

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Flood The Market With CHT Soap

U can find CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap Almost Everywhere in Northern Region! We try to cover all area near you, dear Valued Customers!

For customers convenience, buy CHT soap while u do your shopping at BM Tesco(MegaKulim Pharmacy), Sunshine Square Penang(Pure Pharmacy), Sunshine Farlim(Leo Pharmacy), GAMA Penang (Natural Healthy Living) , Krico BM (Lotus Pharmacy).

We are also expanding to Perak with 8 outlets and counting!

Not to miss the huge market of KL! We are already in KL and will have at least 100 pharmacy outlets to carry our CHT products! Keep my finger cross!

U can also get my soap nationwide at all Easy Pha-max outlets! Check out their website for Emall outlets nationwide.
screen shot Emall outlets in Malaysia

I have been asked whether is it real that CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade soap is available at Easy Pha-Max? We NEVER lie! Follow the link please, to see for yourself.
screen shot from Easy Pha-Max website

We NEVER lie ; that's why our customer's base grow bigger everyday!

Oh yes! Remember to buy the soap with my trademark face lolz! Beware of Imitation! Too many imitations nowadays, so better  recognized the face to prevent your lost for purchasing inferior soap!