Friday, August 28, 2015

MITC Breaking News: Bought 1 Carton Sabun Ajaib

   First Day @MITC Melaka. Came to buy 1 carton. Not to sell but to be use among the family and relatives!
   Save cost and got lot of goodies too during expo. Thank You for the support!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Good Comments For Mosquitoes Repellent

   Bought Online HerbaNIQ Mosquitoes Repellent and receive a good comment from the user. 

Buy Online Now!  

Friday, August 14, 2015

FREE Sample worth RM10.90 Distribution

CHT Sabun Ajaib & MBA worth RM10.90

   CHT through third party in West Malaysia is handing out this free sample of CHT Sabun Ajaib and Million Balm Ajaib (MBA).   
   CHT has allocated more than 10,000 sets to be given free to unsuspecting people nationwide. 

   Next week, in Penang alone, 1,750 sets will be handed out! Enjoy the gift from us! And if you like it, please buy from selected pharmacy outlets or agents listed in our website.


Pimples Cream Set

HerbaNIQ Pimples Cream set : 

Specially formulated for acne/pimples prone area on the face, upper back shoulder area and front. 

1) Lather on affected area and rinse off for the first time.
2) Lather again and wait for 1 or 2 mins before rinsing. Curing process.
3) Dry gently. 
4) Apply thin layer of Pimples cream on the affected area.
5) If you have big acne(jerawat batu), apply MBA(Million Balm Ajaib) on it only after applications of Pimples Cream.

Its advisable not to use scrub so often. And find moisturizer or essence or sunblock that is not so oily if you have routine applications.

My advice to pimples/acne prone people:
1) Consume more vegetables, fruits and water.
2) Beauty sleeping time is 10pm to 2am.
3) Sambal belacan or peanuts , please reduce.
4) If you like fried, chocolate, durian or heaty food; after consumed, please drink more plain water.

Good luck! 2 to 3 weeks proven results if using pimples cream set.
And the good news is , will lighten pimples/acne scar too!

Take pictures of your before and after and provide a testimonial and claimed prizes with us! Email:


1 week result

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ginger Orange Magic Lotion

Choice Formulation of Ginger and Orange which provides prolonged warming sensation on applied areas with delectable Orange smells. 

Apply at your desired location and gently massage till absorbed. No need to heavy massage (urut). 

Do not apply to babies or kids below 10 years old. The kids cannot withstand the warming sensations! And pregnant ladies cannot apply on tummy area (afraid babies in tummy cannot withstand the warming sensation).
***Remember to wash hands after application.***

* A lot of Athletic (badminton) or hill hiking seniors use Ginger Orange Lotion AJAIB (GOLA) to apply before sports to prevent muscle cramps.
* For seniors knee pain. Apply before going out so that can walk better.
* After baby delivery, good as tummy massage.

A lot of people love this Ginger Orange Lotion and came back for more! A bottle will last you very long.

Wash with Ginger Orange Soap before applying Ginger Orange Lotion will give you very satisfying results!


Ginger Orange Magic Lotion Supporters!  
Bought 6 bottles of Ginger Orange Lotion before going back Taiwan.
The ladies said the long lasting "hotness" is best for Taiwan
cool climax during winter. 

Friday, August 07, 2015

13 Herbs + Morocco Argan Oil & Ka Meng Extract Hair Shampoo

Announcement: Due to slow response for 120ml size bottle, the company decided to end 120ml size bottle pack production and continue with 480ml bottle pack only. Thank You regular and new users for supporting large bottle of 13 Herbs Hair Shampoo. 

New Stickers

#13HerbsHairShampoo 480ml

13Herbs Hair Shampoo:
{Non SLS/SLeS and Non Paraben Hair Shampoo}
Active Ingredients beside the 13 Herbs are Kra-Meng extract and Morocco Argan Oil.

Solutions for your crown issue:
* Itchy Scalp
* Hair Loss Control
* Dandruff Control
* Stimulate Hair Growth
* Gray Hair Control
* Cracked Tips

How to wash:

Short Hair:-
1) 1 full pump (size of Malaysian 50 cents old coin) of the shampoo.
2) Lather hair.
3) Use massage comb to comb scalp till cooling effects kick in. Cooler the better.
4) Rinse off. And gentle dry with towel.
5) For best result, use CHT Hair Tonic for hair growth.

Long Hair:-
1) Depending on hair length and oiliness of the hair. Normally, shoulder length hair around 3 to 4 full pumps.
2) Lather hair.
3) Use massage comb to comb scalp till cooling effects kick in. Cooler the better. 
4) Rinse off and towel dry gently.
5) You can use your own hair conditioner but cautionly not to touch your scalp.
6) For best result, use CHT Hair Tonic for hair growth,as afterwash.

Pump Head Cannot Pop Up Issue Solved. See below:
Before lock in the pump, must remove
the white ring as below.

Use knife to cut the white ring after removing the white cap.
Then only lock in the green pump. After lock in, turn the green
pump head anti-clock wise to pop up the pump head.
Pump a few pump to remove air till shampoo shoot out!

CHT Set The Benchmark For Mosquitoes Repellent

   CHT is setting the benchmark for Mosquitoes Repellent in the market nowadays. 

#Herbaniq #MosquitoesRepellent 
* Long lasting above 8 hours!
* Still functional if sweating or after sweat!
* Non sticky when sweating.
* Smell good factor (kids also love it!) compare to other brands.
* Roll On Type.
* Cheap & Functional!

CHT customers tested and loved it! You must try too. 

~ For babies below 5 years old, can apply to the clothes, baby swing, shoes etc.

Method #3) Applied on cloth type curtain gap to prevent mosquitoes coming in.

Method #2) Applied at baby sling to prevent mosquitoes entering to bite our lovely baby. G6PD and Asthmatic also can smell.

Method #1) Shake a few drops into diffuser as whole room mosquitoes repeller. Smell good too. 

Back for more!

Bought 1 dozen after tested the effectiveness!
Mr Lim back for more in KK Imago

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Pics: MidValley Tastefully Aug 2015

   Another successful roadshow in KL promoting CHT products @ MidValley. 

Left: Repeating customer of #LipasRepellent. Below got her
pic on last day, came to buy for her friends after she recommended
to her friends. Thank you!
Right: Hong Leong Bank staffs that are my regulars now. They
came back for the #Herbaniq #MosquitoesRepellent. She told
visitors applying the liquid on her baby sarong swings, no mosquitoes
enter to bite her 4 months old baby. Thank You for the info.

Regulars now. Thank you!

Familiar faces. Right: Language is not a barrier for using
#CHTSabunAjaib. I still remember the first time he came to
buy SabunAjaib. All the body and sign language, he bought
1 and the rest is history...

#Herbaniq #MosquitoesRepellent is making an impact now.
Over the counter brand lasted 1 or 2 hours, and if sweating,
cannot last. Herbaniq brand lasted more than 6 hours per
application and still functioning if you sweats! The smells
is great too! CHT Motto: Cheap & Functional  

Left: Previous Expo tested, Came to buy 1 dozen! TQ
Right: Back to buy 4 bottles of #13HerbsHairShampoo

Regular customers. TQ

Left: Back to buy #GingerOrangeMagicLotion. They just
love the lasting warm sensation.
Right: My regulars that back to buy 1 dozen #CHTSabunAjaib
and a lot of other CHT products. This couple is adventurous,
tested all CHT products and came back to buy all!
Thank you for believing. 

Left: Back for more. TQ for trying #13HerbsHairShampoo
Right: Lovely couple back for 1 dozen #CHTSabunAjaib

Thank you for the support, my regular customers.

Left: A dozen soap and thank you for the thumb up!
Right: Aunty tested #LipasRepellent and back for more. 

Left: Familiar faces. This time, back to buy #GingerLotion
and #MBA. The previous expo, bought lot of #SabunAjaib
Right: This boss every time in the same expo bought 1 dozen
of soap from me. June in MITC also bought 1 dozen! TQ Boss.

Repeating customers. TQ!

Left: Repeating customer for #GingerOrangeMagicLotion.
Right: His wife skin disease getting better. Back to buy 3 bottles
of #MillionBalmAjaib. They tested #CHTSabunAjaib &
#MBA 2 weeks ago @Korea Expo. That time they bought
1 dozen of #SabunAjaib even though not try before.  

Left: Repeating #LipasRepellent customer.
Right: Back for 1 dozen of #CHTSabunAjaib. TQ for the

Left: Back for 6 bottles of #GingerOrangeMagicLotion.
They and the seniors at home just love it!
Right: Familiar faces. Thank you for the supports.

Left: #GingerLotion user back for more!
Right: #MBA supporter

Left: Finding relief with #CHTSabunAjaib for his skin problem.
Right: Repeating user of #LipasRepellent & #SabunAjaib

Left: #LipasRepellent repeat customer.
Right: #MBA supporter

Regular users of #CHTSabunAjaib & other #CHT products.

Left: Repeating user of #CHTSabunAjaib.
Right: Here she is again! Back to buy more #LipasRepellent
for her friends after her colleagues ask her why buy so much
of this white bullets. Thank you for promoting.

Left: Back for 1 dozen of #CHTSabunAjaib
Right: Back for more #GingerOrangeMagicLotion

Allan busy counting #LipasRepellent for this family.
How many did they buy?

Yes! They bought RM200 worth of #LipasRepellent!

User of #CHTSabunAjaib and they told me he also
star in a few Malaysia TV drama. Sorry la Bro, not an avid
Malaysian TV Drama. But thank you for supporting #CHT.