Monday, June 13, 2011

Measles itch no more , dark skin at neck cleared , Fairer skin walala, pimples begone!

   Latest comments by first time users from Hospital Besar Sultanah Bahiyah Roadshow. They called me up excitedly to ask bout Pharmacy locations in Alor Setar, wanting to buy CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap. After telling them the locations, I ask them what is the effectiveness that prompt them wanna buy more. 

   Our trial pack only 10gm(can a small soap give results?; Effective soap gives result! Of course not the 3sec wash white results that con man dirty tactic used mentioned in earlier post).
   One aunty said her son whole body itch because of measles (campak) and CHT soap cure his itchiness. So happy!
   Another said her son black neck which looks very sticky and dirty cleared after 2days! Her son only use the soap on the neck. I recommended whole body use and she told me will ask her son to use after purchased the big one from pharmacy in Mergong.
   One nurse told me her pimples reducing and skin fairer after use and also asking me the pharmacy locations.

   Another aunty said her itchy scalp also no more and planning to buy more trial packs to give to her friends and relatives. 
   With this kind of feedback from first time user really excite me and also give me a sense of happiness because all my efforts pay off in creating a perfect 3 in 1 soap to help other people that are trying to find a solution for their skin problems. 

   When I m in wet market promoting, some also come to thank and praise me because they have spend hundreds or thousands of Ringgit and much time searching for doctors, medicine or even traditional practitioner for their skin problem and are in vain. After trial pack give them relief and they start buying bigger pack of CHT Sabun Ajaib! 
   Some also said they at first don't believe my words because one soap can cure so many problems but since trial pack is cheap, they just buy out of curiosity. Then when problems cured, they start to believe. 
   Some just buy when see a lot of people buying big pack in bulk of 3s and 10s. Buying out of curiosity. Or asking my customers that buying bulks the effectiveness of Sabun Ajaib. And again buying out of curiosity. Then after trying the soap, they too will become one of the regulars and loyal user of CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap! 
   With my dedicated team of promoters and sales executives, I hope this little green soap will expand further and become a household brand.
   Pharmacist also start promoting this soap to skin problem walk in customers at their pharmacy. Sales start to pick up in pharmacies nationwide. 
   Also thanks to STAR newspaper articles which drive up our sales volume. CHT really need this kind of publicity to help promoting Made In Malaysia products. You can see from my packing; PROUDLY MADE IN MALAYSIA printed. I m proud to make this soap on par with imported bar of soap, or better.
   Thank you again my loyal customers! Support local products! Pilihan Bijak, Barangan Buatan Malaysia!