Monday, July 11, 2011

Very very good feedback for 13Herbs Hair Shampoo!

   I am so happy to receive such a good feedback from my customers that are using 13Herbs Hair Shampoo. Hair Growth is the best feedback ever from my customers. How many bottles required for hair growth and grey hair control? Only 2 bottles within 2 months! How much is 2 bottles? RM56 only!
   Now the promotion still on for the hair shampoo. Buy 2 Bottles Free 1 pc 100gm Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap. Where to buy? Penang wet markets and Bukit Minyak Head Office (hotline: 04-5082616).
   Hair dropped and itchy scalp issue also resolved by using this 13 Herbs Hair Shampoo. I am so happy that I can help a lot of people solving their life long problem for their hair. People coming to our stalls and tell the tale of our magnificent Hair Shampoo and recommended to never use before customers; are the best satisfaction that we get! 
   "This build our confidence in promoting CHT products!" said my promoters.
With this statement, this build my confidences in experimenting more herbs to be made into other good products. And the trust of our loyal customers in believing CHT products will move us forward. We make natural, high quality products and selling at affordable price. 
  We still hold on to our motto; "Go Green, Go Natural; Save Earth The CHT Way!"....The Affordable Way of course! We make high end products affordable for you....
   Enjoy our products...Thank You for the support and believed!