Friday, August 26, 2011

Whitening Result In 2 Weeks Guaranteed!

Natural Whitening Facial Soap
   CHT proudly announced the launching of Natural Whitening Facial Soap. You can see fairer u within 2 weeks. Because of the natural ingredients of soya extract, you will see desirable result after 3 days use only!
   This Facial Soap is very suitable for very dry skin and all skin type because the natural ingredients will balance the skin oil after a few uses.
   Treatment area include face, neck, armpit and between pubic & thigh area that you think need to be fairer.
    Natural Whitening Facial Soap is formulated for whitening, conditioning of skin, smoothing, natural UV & X-ray protection, moisturizing, reducing blackhead, declogged pores, shrink pores, reducing scars, redness, minor sunburn, inflammation, pigmentation, pimples, acne, balancing skin oil, skin allergies, anti bacterial, itching, insomnia, calming, improving skin elasticity, regeneration of skin cells, minimize fungus growth, etc.
    This specially formulated soap contains natural UV & X-ray protection that is vital for aging skin. 

   If u have sleepless night(insomnia) or stress after work, this soap can help you clear your minds and relax!
   After a few wash, you will notice your skin elasticity improving (toing toing feel), smoother and better skin tone because of new skin cell replacing the aged cell.
   You must be wondering, can this soap really do what it claimed? 
I give u a chance to use with trial pack RM5.00 only(limited time). 
And you will believe me! 
   Cautions: Not for early month pregnancy use.
Please read packing sticker for instruction manual on how to use.

   I think this soap will surely beat the expensive soaps available on the market today. Don't believe? Try it!
   This is another Miracle Soap! Sabun Ajaib!