Monday, September 26, 2011

Balik Pulau 3000pcs Give Away pics

GBBM member giving door gift

door gift

GBBM Penang chairman ; Balik Pulau old friend

receiving honoring plate

CHT listing in their program; 3000pcs giveaway

the plate

Balik Pulau friend; Raya the ex beauty queen

sponsors and chairman
   CHT sponsor 3000pcs of Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade soap to the concert goers organized by GBBM and Super white coffee company on 24th September 2011. 
   I managed to meet up with lot of my old friends in Balik Pulau. Proud to be back and happy to see their smiling face and the surprise on their faces when they noticed its my face on the soap sticker that they are holding!
   Thank you Mr Wong, GBBM Penang Chairman, a Balik Pulau friend, for giving me an opportunity to show my gratitude as a Balik Pulau "Gi-n Na"(Hokkien language for resident).