Monday, September 19, 2011

Beauty Fair GBX 2011

crystal soap debut
booth K19 CHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Messy Display

Our Neighbor Hard Rock Hotel

Guess The Soap Contest

Loyal User checking out new CHT product

Lucky Pick RM20 & above

Lucky Pick!

Winner Mr Tan for Guess The Soap 74pcs!

Lucky Mr Tan




Result for Guess The Soap Contest

   This contest is open to all visitors and exhibitors of GBX2011 without any conditions. Just guess the quantity in the box and fill in the form. Correct guess will win hamper worth RM102.00.
   Soap counting at 8pm on 18th September and its 74pcs! And we have 1 lucky winner Mr Tan Wooi Seng (IC: 880524-35-5389)
              Congratulations Mr Tan!

   In GBX 2011, crystal soap make its debut with Buy 1 Free 1 but lukewarm response because everybody wanted the Green and White soaps! 
   CHT green soap or better known as Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap is getting more attention because of its popularity in Northern Region.
   CHT white soap or whitening soap is catching up with the green soap because of proven results within 2 weeks. Natural Whitening Facial Soap is made of soya and visible results within 3 days.

So Many Gifts for Visitors at GBX2011
    At the end of the last day of GBX2011, CHT gave out Penang Island souvenir soap to last minutes shoppers and exhibitors. CHT hand out almost 200pcs of Penang Island Souvenir Soap.
   CHT also give away 800pcs of soap as door gift to visitors for the 3 days fair and 10pcs of large soap for GBX website contest.
Smiling Buyers
   This year GBX2011, we give our CHT customers a nice surprise with lucky pick with purchases above RM20. With the highest value of RM16.80 Kafir Lime Lucky Soap(blue ball). There are a few lucky customers with purchase of RM20 get the single blue color ball! Really lucky! We are happy if the customers are happy.
    Mostly, lucky pickers got white ball with value of RM5.00 for the whitening soap. Or orange ball for the ginger soap(RM2.00). Ball quantity is the same for orange(12balls) and white balls(12 balls). 6 pink balls, 4 yellow balls and 1 blue ball. Sure win because no empty ball or people call it "Thank You" ball!

   We hope we are exposing our CHT brand name and products to a new level of customers in Northern Region. We also get the chance to meet outstation people who are vacationing in Penang and outstation exhibitors in GBX. We wan people to know CHT and The Face!