Thursday, January 12, 2012

In Process To Apply Halal Certification For CHT Products

   CHT is in process to apply Halal certification for all CHT Products. Hopefully by March 2012 we will have the HALAL certifications. CHT products DO NOT contains Animal Fats or Animal By-Products. And CHT stressed the use of natural ingredients in our products.    

Update on Halal issue (11th May2012):
Since the issue of Private Halal is not recognized by JAKIM, CHT will not proceed with HALAL certification by IFRC. CHT is making effort to take the Malaysia recognized HALAL by JAKIM. CHT is in the process of applying HALAL by JAKIM through eHalal portal.

Certificate of Analysis for Halal Compliance

Updated 13th July 2012:
 JAIS Penang letter for fee collection for Halal purpose.
Another major step for CHT

Update 3rd September 2012:

    CHT Sabun Ajaib is certified HALAL by JAKIM Malaysia.

MS 1500 : 2009
Ref/Ruj.: 1 015-06/2012