Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Natural Whitening Facial Handmade Soap

Natural Whitening Facial Soap

Natural Whitening Facial Soap is best for dull and dry skin. If you have oily skin and you need whitening also, or you want to lightened your acne scars. What can we do?

Allan Goh (AG) solution is to use both soap together in one wash.

AG 1. Oily skin - lather Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade soap (BV) 
                            to face first then without wash off,apply Whitening                                  
                            Soap (white soap) on top. Then wait for 1 or 2 min
                            before rinsing off.

AG 2. Acne skin - a) lather BV to the face and rinse off.
                              b) reapply BV and White soap together.
                              c) wait 1 or 2 mins then rinse off.

  Currently, they are some customers(well to do) that use this soap for whole body cleansing and they told me they are happy with the results. AG of course is happy too getting this good feedback.

  This white soap is available at our CHT stalls and selected saloons in Northern Region only. You can get this soap by buying online or delivered right to you by calling us.
   Best formulated for:
Whitening, Conditioning, Smoothing, Natural UV & X-ray protection, Moisturizing, Reducing white & black head, Shrink pores, reducing scars & redness, minor sunburn, inflammation, pigmentation, anti bacterial, minor itching, insomnia, calming, improving skin elasticity, regeneration of skin cells, minimize fungus growth, etc...