Monday, December 17, 2012

PWTC KL Food Fair 2012

The Beginning of Unknown Result

The Believers of CHT products

end of the day...empty boxes..The Results!

CHT logo

Happy Users & Living Testimonials...TQ!

   The response from KL Food Fair at PWTC is overwhelming. First day and second day buyers of CHT products came back on third day to buy more.

   Happy to meet up with my blog & FB friends too which became my regular users.

   I am the most happy is the living testimonials provided by first time users at my booth on second and third day of fair. She (lady in yellow shirt) told me her son skin itchiness gone after just 1 wash! She spent quite a lot on her son skin disease but can't help much! 
She came back for 1 dozen! 
   I also came across lot of customers asking me about other people's soap and wanted to compare. They don't believe my cheap(others brand selling very high price) soap can do so much.
I just ask them to try without commenting others. Its very unethical to comment other people's product.

  I can only say," Its the cheapest functional soap in the market!"
And with my friend saying,"You have try the rest, Now use the BEST!"

   Thanks KL people and happy using!

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