Monday, April 29, 2013

CHT: Trusted Brand Since 2009

   CHT start operating since 2009 under the name Chin Hoo Trading, thus the name CHT. We never look back since, providing quality and effective products to a very niche segment of customers with skin diseases.

   But now CHT grow to become a SME company with 1 small manufacturing plant and more than 700 outlets of upmarket pharmacies, TCM outlets, mini markets, supermarkets and convenient stores nationwide. The number is growing and now TESCO is also selling.
   Now! CHT Sabun Ajaib is used not only by skin disease sufferers but as normal cleaning agents replacing harsh cleansers. Joining hands with handmade soap makers locally in educating the importance of natural soaps/products in our daily life. 

   With thanks, from the support of Federal And State Government Agencies, CHT manage to bring our famous CHT Sabun Ajaib overseas while maintaining growth locally.

   CHT also do our part in teaching youngsters on soap making for them to earn extra incomes by selling their creativity instead of depending on their parents. "Am I scare of competition?"asked by workshop attendees, I replied NO because there are now already too many competitors in the markets, a few more are better. "Making soap is easy, making a good quality sell able soap is difficult.",this is what I told them and my competitors too. Sell your products ethically is my advice to them.

   Thanks to our loyal customers nationwide for making CHT Sabun Ajaib grow. Thanks to our cooperative and hardworking distributors and agents nationwide for bringing my CHT soap nearer to our loyal customers.

Thank You For Your Support!