Monday, June 03, 2013

Million Balm Ajaib (MBA) 神迹百万膏 17g

Million Balm Ajaib 17g with travel size 3g
We call them MBA 

Just applied at your desired place; anywhere you like. Avoid eye contacts.
For animal lovers, your pets skin problems solution too! 

Please beware of imitation and copycat. CHT & AJAIB logo is the trademark brand and to be safe, please purchase direct from us.

update 16/8/2013:
The effectiveness of MBA on burns. First hand trial by Allan(founder) & his Mom during Dinner time at restaurant in Temerloh, Pahang.
Whole pot of boiling hot chinese tea fell on mine & mom's right hand. The pain!
Wash with tap water and apply MBA whole 4g on our hands. 15mins, pain gone and after 30 mins, the redness gone. Thank goodness we all bring MBA!


TQ Abang Maslan