Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our CHT Plan :Reputable Hypermarket & Supermarket Listing: WE WANT TO PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS!

   CHT Sabun Ajaib is looking forward to list in the soap in reputable hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide soon.

   Its a very slow and tedious process but CHT will work hard on it, so, temporary must feel satisfy with the 800+ outlets of pharmacy nationwide.

   We will work hard to bring CHT Sabun Ajaib near you and if possible, right on your doorstep.
We are looking in online purchase with Post Malaysia collaboration, as we feel Malaysia is already mature and safe in online shopping.

HYPERMARKETS & SUPERMARKETS: Which will you choose?

   We are also preparing to go beyond Malaysia, eyeing on China, Singapore, Arab World & ASEAN market especially. WE ARE EXPORT READY MANUFACTURER.

ONE Step At A Time. And Proud To Be From Penang!