Sunday, July 28, 2013

Viva Home Mall Successful Promotion

Repeat customers!

Believe it! 1 carton 72pcs purchased!

Repeat customers! Remember the bottom left lady?
Always come to buy when I am in KL.

The lady bought RM436 using credit card! 1 dozen MBA
(2nd record breaker) . Her daughter suffer from chicken pox,
after apply MBA, no itch, no scar! Believe!
Repeat Users! Thanks for the thumb up!

The guy in chocolate shirt, after using, intro to his whole family
and his brother bought 1 carton 72pcs! Came to booth 3 times to
buy in a day! Thanks bro!

Family from Penang, they cannot find me in Penang but
bump into me in KL! What a small world!