Monday, August 05, 2013

Effective Natural Insect Repellent Ajaib (NIRA) & How To Use?

My Advice, Draw And Put Is The Best Way To Use This NIRA !
2015 New Packaging Design
Same Effective Bullet!
     CHT came out with an effective Natural Insect Repellent AJAIB to be put in your food cabinet, wardrobe, office drawer, hawker stall and inside your vehicle. 1 meter cubic per cube coverage.

   Its make of natural herbs ingredients. You can only smell the lemongrass (serai) scent because of the high note. They are other herbs inside. And its NON-POISON. And sells only at RM6 per bullet and last maximum 3 months.

  Effectively repelling (not killing) cockroach, lizards, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, fleas etc.

Repeat customer for the Lipas Repellent Ajaib
which bought RM50! Thanks for the pose.

   People are coming back for more. And customers are trying on other insects.
There is one lady told me the fruits insect(black small tiny insects) also scare of this repellent. She placed one insect repellent in her fruit basket, no more insects.
   A lot of people told me no more lizards and cockroach in their food cabinet, toilet, table, kitchen top, office drawer.

But for ants, its only 50-50 effective. (small sugar ants good, larger ants NG)

How to effectively put the NIRA (Natural Insect Repellent AJAIB) or Lipas Repellent:
(Remember to take the bullet out from the casing to be effective!)
It's advisable to draw(use the bullet to draw) and put the bullet at your desired location.

1) put inside food cabinet / kitchenware cabinet/drawers.

2) inside car (4pcs); 2 below front seat, 2 at car bonnet(1 inside spare tyre compartment)
3) put on top cabinet edge, florescent lamp, air cond split unit(1/corner).
4) put beside bed 4 corners.(repel mosquitoes, bed bug & cockroaches)
5) put below sofas, office desk, 
6) draw on sugar containers, table 4 legs, RO water machines etc
7) curtain steel holders to prevent lizards passing thru.
8) very useful in kitchen; kitchen table top.
Note: If cockroaches smell is too much, use the bullet to draw the edge before putting the bullet inside the drawer.

Make use of the tray: this is how you put NIRA or Lipas
Repellent in the car to prevent mess due to heat inside
parked car.
Another customer told me to put the bullet on a piece of
newspaper and let it melted(when car outdoor). 3 months 
change the whole newspapers & bullets.

 Make your #NIRA last longer Video
Youtube Video Link Below:

Share with us your ideas too and what others insects scare of NIRA.
Email me at or sms me 012-423 2615.

This Sir taught me in Kuching how to use the bullet effectively.
Use the bullet to draw on the window frame and
the lizards didn't go into his house and whole night
he didn't hear lizards calling sound. Thank You Sir!
He is so happy and came back for more.
Told me, his headache with lizards in his house
is now solved! Familiar words from him...
" It works! " 27th Sept 2015