Saturday, August 24, 2013

MidValley FoodBEx 2013 The Historical First Day!

   The response for the first day in MidValley FoodBex 2013 is like the last day of every expos that I attended before! So many repeat customers! And thanks for them that follow my Blogspot and Facebook.

   So many repeat customers shy away from being photographed because of the crowd at CHT booth!

   Thank you for the support and the living testimonials. First time users kept asking repeat customers questions after seeing them purchasing so many soaps and other CHT products!

   My record for the Lipas Repellent. One customer bought 28pcs of Lipas Repellent! 

Remember this lady? Came back for more Ginger Lotion!

I love this guy! He said last time he bought soap and MBA from
me, he not convinced because he spend more the RM10k for his
skin disease and unable to be cured! I told him, just let me tipu u
another RM30, he recalled the story to me. And it works! Today
he bought RM230 from me! He just ask me to snapped more pics
because his neck last time very dark and ugly, now ok already.
I ask him for his before and after pics, hopefully he email me!

Bought from MIHAS 2013 in KLCC and today Ms Nurul
came to MidValley to buy more! Thanks!

The best first day ever in my Expo history! The overwhelming
response from KL people for the famous CHT Sabun Ajaib!
If you are here, you will be surprise with the crowd at CHT booth!