Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Happy Moments In Johor Persada Furniture Fair 2013

Repeat Customers; the lady in blue shirt on top keep telling
customers how good is our MBA to visiting customers.
Her husband sun burns cured within 2 days after all the
lotion applied cannot cure his sunburns. Another living

Repeat Customers

Before Closing Time, The most handsome repeat customer
in JB Johor Persada

CHT Sabun Ajaib

   CHT Sabun Ajaib being successfully promoted in JB Johor Persada during Furniture Fair 2013. 
   There are a few disappointed customers that unable to purchase sold out CHT products at the last minute before closing. Fear not, can buy from your nearest pharmacy. Or direct from CHT Penang if the product unavailable in pharmacy. Just bear the courier charges and we will send to your door step.
   The Lipas Repellent will be in pharmacy near you within 1 month time. Please give our distributors the time to distribute. Thanks.