Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mega Expo Kuantan 2013

The lady and her bf loved the soap so much,they
came back for more CHT Sabun Ajaib!
Oh yes, her bf are the one taking the pic.
Thanks ya.

Repeat customer. The eco bag finished!
The background, you can see lipas repellent
box empty, sold out!

Whole family using now!

CHT products cured this kid skin disease
only after 2 days. His parent came back for
the large Million Balm Ajaib. I m so happy to
hear from his parents that they try so many ways
and doctors cannot cure, but CHT products can!

Repeat customer! My mom at the back!

Repeat customers of CHT products!

Thanks bro for coming back!

Repeat customer of CHT Sabun Ajaib!

Bought before in Kuantan Pharmacy,
now bought 10pcs!

The best customer in Kuantan Mega Expo!

Lipas Ajaib Sold Out on Sunday 

The list of Kuantan 

The lorry went around Kuantan town to announce
the Mega Expo Fair 2013
   The good response from Kuantan folks make it worth the 9 hours journey from Penang. Thank you for the warm response and you will be able to find CHT Sabun Ajaib in the Pahang listing.
While Kemaman customers can go to Farmasi Syaza and Kedai Ubat Yan Seng.

The sold out Lipas Repellent and Million Balm Ajaib, please go to Alpro Pharmacy Jalan Beserah to buy.

Other outlets of pharmacy and TCM near you, please proceed to order from them if they don't have stocks. They will contact us after your order.Thanks for the support.