Monday, October 07, 2013

Halfest 2013 : History In The Making

Before Halfest 2013 kick off

With Coolblog and Tutti Fruiti mascot. My favourite
celebrity chef, Chef Wan, meeting him daily during the expo.

Before start of crazy day ahead!
Repeat customers!

Remember her? Ms Nurul came back again! This time bought
20pcs of Cockroach Repellent! She told visiting customers
the effectiveness of this repellent for Lizards and cockroach
till sold out! Thank You Ms Nurul!
Visiting visitors

Visiting visitors to CHT booth 238

Repeat customers!

CHT Sabun Ajaib cured this little girl eczema skin
within 2 days! Came back for more! The happiness of the
mother for me is priceless.

Repeat customers!

The crowd!

See the layers of crowd at CHT booth 238

Visitors to CHT booth and repeat users! Coolblog manager
also bought CHT soap.

The crowds and the cute repeat customer!

The visitors

CHT founder explaining the many uses of CHT Sabun Ajaib

The crowd and repeat user!

Cut coupon from Harian Metro to redeem CHT soap!
The uncle that bought 20pcs of CHT Sabun Ajaib! 

Repeat users! 

Hard days work pay off! Cockroach repellent sold out!
Need to write SOLD OUT because all came back to ask
for more! Do you know y my cockroach repellent works?
And others imitators don't work? Oh yes, no poison please!
It's the lady on my banner! Already 3 years using CHT Sabun Ajaib.
Thanks for the testimonial.

   Thank You! This is the only word that I can think of for this year Halfest 2013! Y the word Thank You? The crowds at booth 238 is extremely huge! The warmth that I get from Muslim customers were extremely welcoming. 
The help from Penang friends (government agencies) to control the crowds are really timely and I am extremely grateful! They helped me sell too! So happy to have this group of friends!
Also the effectiveness of media campaign by RTM, Harian Metro and Utusan Malaysia to help promote CHT Sabun Ajaib before Halfest 2013 start. Thank You!

I met a lot of repeat customers during this event. And extremely grateful when they help me to promote and gave good recommendations to visitors. So happy.
Thank you for the testimonials too!

For first time users, please check pharmacy listing on the right hand side bar. And hope to see you soon. Follow my blogspot to see where will I be.

Cockroach repellent now available in MidValley AEON BIG inside Alpro Pharmacy. Waiting for my distributor to distribute to all outlets nationwide.

Utusan Malaysia 5 Oct 2013: After long interviews and photo
shooting, only manage to get 4 lines of coverage during Halfest 2013
Hmmm....did I say that phrase? But its a good phrase! TQ editor.