Friday, November 15, 2013

WCB 2013: First Day In The Mines Exhibition Centre

Before the start of WCB 2013

The start of WCB 2013

My very first customers at 11am! And its my repeat customers!
So happy to meet them!

My third repeat customer at 11++am! She came to buy
13 Herbs Hair Shampoo for her husband. And Ginger Lotion, MBA
and Lipas Repellent too. The second also my repeat customers
 but refuse to take pic wif me! Camera shy lor!

I make my own pure pomegranate juice and cost RM12!

   Its a very exciting start for this WCB (World Of Chinese Book) Expo 2013. The door open at 11am and my first, second and third customers are my repeat customers from Halfest 2013 and MidValley Expo.

Well, hope to meet more repeat customers tomorrow and Sunday!
See ya!