Wednesday, December 18, 2013

13 Herbs Hair Growth Shampoo: Another Miracle

   This lady purchased 13 bottles of 13 Herbs Hair Growth Shampoo during my roadshow in Chow Rasta wet market on 15th December 2013. Manage to sell all 45 bottles of 13 Herbs with another lady wanted to buy 12 bottles but only get 10 bottles. Will post to her using courier service. This day is my record sales of 13 Herbs Hair Growth Shampoo!

   Thank you for promoting my 13 Herbs while you are at my stall. So happy to get good response.

   But you(new users) must follow my way of washing to promote hair grow (within 2 months; there is a case of hair growth within 2 weeks only for an age 20+ bald guy), hair loss (immediate results), dandruff (5 to 10 times washing) and grey hair control after 9 months wash(hardcore CHT followers saw this results when they started using 2 years ago when 13 Herbs started selling).

   13 Herbs Hair Growth Shampoo is considered the cheapest Hair Growth product in Malaysia at RM39 per bottle only!

  13 Herbs will be in Pharmacy shelf next year after rebranding process and hopefully the price can be maintain and make affordable for everyone!