Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PIHEC 2014 : Not much people but the Response is Good!

Regular users. Always bought CHT Sabun Ajaib
from PURE Pharmacy in Sunshine Square.

HPA distributor tried my soap on the first day
and recommend my soap to all her HPA friends,
also bought a lot for herself.

Came back for a lot of Lipas Repellent.
Last year PIHEC 2013, the lady bought 1 pc to try and this year
PIHEC 2014 came back for 2 dozens! Avid user now!

Her sister ask him to come to Penang SPiCE to buy even
though their home is near my CHT Factory in Bukit Minyak!
The power of special promotion pricing during expo/roadshow!
The handsome guy bought from KL before and came back
to buy more in Pg. 13Herbs user! The kid with sensitive skin
came back for more! Thanks!

   For the user of CHT products in Penang, you can find my products (Lipas Repellent, MBA and CHT Sabun Ajaib) inside Sunshine Square; PURE Pharmacy. All PURE Pharmacy in Penang carry CHT products.

   Also in Tanjung Bungah Pharmacy or the listing link here.
If they don't carry MBA or Lipas Repellent, please ask them to order for you.

   Got lot of calls from SP that bought the soap during PIHEC 2014. Please go to Nazifa Pharmacy in Taman Ria, Sungai Petani.
Tel: 04-441 2326

For Balik Pulau users that called, please go to the both pharmacy in Balik Pulau to buy. They only stocked CHT Sabun Ajaib. For others, please ask them to order for you. Or proceed to Sunshine Square. Sorry for the inconveniences. 

Thank You for the Believe!