Friday, January 03, 2014

CHT Sabun Ajaib: Promising 1st Expo in Year 2014 : Malaysia Food Festival 2014

Before the start of Malaysia Food Festival 2014

Nicely arrange!

Repeat users from PWTC last week! The orange shirt guy
been asked by his boss to come over to buy 3 bottles
of MBA and 1 dozen of soaps. His boss skin disease
getting better after the boss mom bought for her to try
in MITC Melaka!

Repeat users! The ladies on the bottom bought lot of
Lipas Repellent after try using bought from PWTC.
The pink shirt lady on the bottom came back to tell me
repeated that"Its surprisingly working!" for the lipas repellent!

Repeat user that bought lot of CHT products!
   Its a busy first day at Malaysia Festival Food 2014. Lot of repeat users came back for more! 
   Happy moment when a lady approached my booth and tell me repeatedly "Its surprisingly working!". She told me last time she bought lot of repellent products but all not working. When she bought last week in PWTC, she don't believe it will work. Maybe she bought them when she saw lot of people buying,she also buy lo.
She came back for more lipas repellent with so many phrase "Its surprisingly working!". I told her, my products is available in pharmacy. Pharmacy will not take products from unreliable source!
NOW Believe me!

Thank You for my first happy day! Looking forward for tomorrow and Sunday! I believe more will come!