Monday, March 10, 2014

Kuala Terengganu Roadshow Unexpectedly Successful!

4th Day Photo before 11am

Came back on the third day (bought 10pcs) and last day
also bought 10pcs! Shared among their friends!
The lady that bought RM80 worth of Lipas Repellent that is
camera shy! Record buyer in K.Terengganu for Lipas Repellent.

The family with kids came back for more after only 1 day using!
The eldest son sensitive skin no more itch!

Bought MBA 17g and 1pc soap to try on the third day expo,
came back on the last day and bought more MBA17g and lot
of soaps! Showed me his almost cured skin disease after
only 1 day use! Told me no more itch.

Last minute shoppers before booth closing.
   CHT successfully promoted CHT products in Kuala Terengganu at Terengganu Trade Centre (TTC) from 6th March to 9th March 2014.
CHT Lipas Repellent sold out! A lot of people came back asking for more Lipas Repellent!

   Silalah berkunjung ke Kiosk Jamu Shima Puteri di Mydin Mall atau Kedai Jamu Sri Ayu (berhadapan Maybank/LHDN) untuk mendapatkan semua produk CHT terutamanya Sabun Ajaib CHT dan Lipas Repellent!

Visit this link to know more outlets in Terengganu.

   Thank You Kuala Terengganu people for warm welcoming of CHT products!
   The best part I encountered in K.Terengganu is when they used my CHT Sabun Ajaib or Lipas Repellent and found it good, they would tell their families, relatives and friends to come to buy! How I know? When they come to buy, they will tell me who or who already bought and recommend to them. This is how close the bond is in K.Terengganu! Thank You for the supports and the believe!

Looking forward to come to Pantai Timur again!