Sunday, April 13, 2014

MIHAS Last Day Packed

Top pic: Kak Nurul came to support me again and help me
promoting CHT Sabun Ajaib & Lipas Repellent. I just do the
packing & collect money. Thanks Kak Nurul.
Bottom pic: Repeat users.

Repeat users. 

Left pic: Came to buy a lot of Lipas Repellent.
Right pic: Repeat users.

Left pic: Came back to buy on 3rd day and the right pic is
the 4th day back for more & brought along her friend.

Repeat user of CHT Sabun Ajaib

Bought last year in MIHAS 2013, now buy more. They know
where to buy already!

Left pic: Familiar face. Purposely came to buy CHT Sabun Ajaib.

Left pic: Her parents ask her to come buy lot of CHT Sabun
Ajaib & Lipas Repellent after trying the soap on the first day.

Repeat users.

Repeat users.

Came all the way to KLCC wanted to buy CHT Ginger Lotion
but not available. Sorry. May 9th, will be available in MidValley.

Thank you Kak Sue for promoting and supporting CHT