Thursday, May 01, 2014

CHT Sabun Ajaib Shortage Notice

   There will be a shortage for CHT Sabun Ajaib nationwide from May 2014 to mid June (forecast) due to shortage of raw ingredients from UK. This is a world wide shortage and inconveniently affected CHT Sabun Ajaib users nationwide.

   We are in contact with the supplier to bring in the raw ASAP in smaller quantities to support productions before the barrel arrival. So sorry for the inconveniences if you need to run around to find the soap due to unavailability in your favorite pharmacy or outlet.

   Thank you.

CHT now don't take raw ingredients from local distributors that dilute the raw ingredients as this will results in inferior quality soaps. We now directly take from suppliers. Currently, you will notice our soap is harder & cooler, show better results than last time. CHT always emphasis on quality & effectiveness.