Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interesting Affair at JB Persada Expo

This guy on Friday told me, you will be rich if you can get my itch to stop! I alr use all products in the market including famous brand, expensive products but all will not stop the itch!
And he came back on Sunday and tell me" It works!" and Mandarin he said" Ni Fa Tat Lo" meaning You Rich Already! He came to buy lot of MBA & CHT SABUN AJAIB.
And telling visitors how he always scratch non stop everyday! How painful he is. Scratch till bleeding. Nothing can cure him. And he have a few friends also having the same problem. That's y he bought a lot to give to his friends and to share his joy. So happy for him too.

The family man always following my blogspot and FB and I get the chance to meet him. Avid users and start trying all my CHT products. Bought the same set for the second day. Thank you. See you soon, bro. As I know, you will read this post. Thank you! 

Right pic: His friend told me he is online celebrity with 13,000 plus followers! Please add me! And tell ur followers how u love my soap! hehehe..