Monday, June 16, 2014

Kuala Terengganu : Meet lot of Regulars!

Left pic: This Bro came looking for the red bullet! When I showed
him the CHT & Ajaib logo, he bought the white bullet after explaining
the change of color.
Right pic: This Bro is my regular users now. Buy CHT Sabun Ajaib
when he met me at a few expos. He's from Penang.

Repeat users for Lipas Repellent & CHT soaps.

Bought before from the previous expos. This time came back
and buy all CHT products to try. Thanks, both regulars now.

Also repeat users. Right pic: Also a repeat user from previous expo,
came to survey other CHT products on the first day. Then last day,
came to buy, to try all CHT products on display. Thanks for believing.

Repeat users

Repeat users. Right pic: After learning that buy 1 dozen free
1 pc, this Bro rush to the bank ATM in nearby mall. Came back
with a sweaty face and bought other CHT products too. Thanks Bro!

Repeat users

Left pic: Came all the way from Kota Bharu to buy the CHT
Sabun Ajaib! Bought last week when I am in Kota Bharu.
Right pic: Repeat user that came to survey on second day
and bought 1 dozen on the last day of expo.
Too bad dun hv the red bag left for him.

Repeat users
Repeat users. First day bought a lot of CHT products. Then last
day came to buy more soaps to stock up.

Repeat users. Right pic: My last customers for the K. Terengganu
Mega Expo 2014. See how big the bag full of CHT products!
Came to buy almost RM300 of CHT products after only tested
2pcs of free sample give away during the first day event! His wife skin
became so smooth & white after the first wash only as he told me. We all
have a good laugh when his wife slap his shoulder gently! 

   Most of the visitors during this event only willing to buy the CHT Sabun Ajaib and Lipas Repellent after learning the products is available in Kedai Jamu Shima Puteri in Mydin Mall or Sabasun HyperRuncit (soap only). Its really a tough lot for this event.

Now people is buying from reputable source, no matter where. When I told people that our CHT Sabun Ajaib is available in Tesco or pharmacy, CHT gain another 50% trust.