Sunday, June 08, 2014

Overwhelming Response In Kota Bharu (Kelantan Trade Expo 2014)

Repeat users that support CHT Sabun Ajaib since last year
Mega Expo 2013. Thank you!

Repeat users.

Repeat Users.

Top pic: the black tudung gal try CHT Sabun Ajaib for 2 days
for her pimples and asked her mom to buy 2 sets twin pack.
Bottom left: Repeat buyer and recommend all his friends
to buy CHT products and telling visitors how good is the
Lipas Repellent and CHT Sabun Ajaib. Below last pic,
he brought his friends that bought a few hundred RM!

Upper right pic: His friend gave him a free sample of CHT
Sabun Ajaib. Use it and hook until now. Telling visitors
in his Kelate language how good is the soap.(I dun understand
his slang but he keep feeling his face and all the visitors
take twin pack like him.) Thanks bro!

The Chinese lady's daughter (left pic) try free sample of
CHT Sabun Ajaib for 3 days and came back to buy 1 dozen
CHT Sabun Ajaib on the last day of expo! 

Repeat users since last year Mega Expo 2013.

Left pic, this bro bought before the Lipas Repellent last year
 and came back to buy more!

Repeat users. Left pic: Bought Lipas Repellent last year,
this year came back to purchase RM60 of Lipas Repellent!

The bro that brought his friends that purchase a few hundred
Ringgit. Almost all products they bought but all told me they
love CHT Ginger Orange Magic Lotion. Because this guy
bought before and applied on them and now each bought 2 bottles!