Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Illustrated Steps To Take Out Sabun Ajaib™ From The Casing

The soap taken out of the box

Cut the line with a scissor

Tear off the cut line

The sticker and soap casing easily torn

Removed the soap from casing easily

   The above steps is for the use of scissor to cut off the cut-line and tear-off the casing and sticker.
   If you don't have scissor, just peel off the sticker and simply take out the soap from casing. Easy job!

   This is the improvement done on our soap casing. We hear you, our regular customers! We improved base on your feed backs. In fact, we improved a lot by hearing you!

   We at CHT not only do R&D on the soap or skin care quality but also the whole package! Our soap mold/casing is now medical/food grade. 
   Wait till you see how we do with our Pimples Cream whole package! We know our Pimples Cream is effective and we want to maintain our quality till you open it!