Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CHT Sabun Ajaib in Putrajaya International Convention Centre

Left: Bought during set up booth @PICC, also exhibitors.
Then back for more!
Right: Bought a week ago at MITC Melaka Expo then
came all the way to buy more. Also recommend his sister
(not in pic because not a repeat customers yet) & family
to buy. His sister is staying in KL. Thanks Bro! 

Left is regular users. Surprise to see Sabun Ajaib in Expo.
Been buying from pharmacy near him.
Right: First day came to booth, saw his v big acne beside his
nose and asked him to apply MBA. Din buy on first day but
came back second day saying his acne shrink flat! Telling all
the visitor at booth. Bought at last! Thank you 4 believing at first.

Left: Came back for more Lipas Repellent.
Right: Came back for other CHT products

Repeat users

Left: Came back for more lipas repellent and
right: stocking more CHT Sabun Ajaib

Repeat users

Now whole family is using! Stock more!
      This is an exciting event in Putrajaya. Saw lot of expensive soap users here. Its hard to convince them at first but some did return to booth, to buy and to try. I know my CHT Sabun Ajaib are on par or better than the expensive soaps. I will just let my products
do the talking.

    Every time roadshow or expo, due to the expensive booth rental, CHT hardly making profits. Many time making losses but with my effort, CHT is gaining sales for outlets that carry CHT products. Pharmacies, TCMs and Tesco are selling well. When people tried and go to outlets to buy, the bosses/staffs curious and ask the customers,"Good meh?". After hearing stories, they too start believing and start to promote CHT products.
This is my hard road and I am happy a lot of people are helping me.

I have helped a lot of skin disease people in Malaysia. Also making people have beautiful pimples free face. I wanted to do more. I wanna go global just like Yuan from Taiwan.

If you are reading this, help me help skin disease people or pimples face people by spreading message of love. Thank you for the love and support. 
I am still in my office though its 9pm. I love to work, tiring but satisfying. 

Last time, I am angry people imitate my Sabun Ajaib but now just let it be. Because I know, once you are conned, you lack trust and people recognized you. People will be more careful and will really look for CHT brand! I know because people call me to ask where am I after cannot find me in Penang market and Alor Setar market.
I will just guide them to outlets near them.

Thank you for reading and thank you for the support. I really need it. 
Add a joke at the end here. There is a lady which came back to buy 20pcs of Lipas Repellent (NIRA). And she told everyone that the "cicak lari"(lizards run away) after put the NIRA. Then there is a guy ask her, "Cicak pakai kasut ker?"(Lizards wear shoes?). Every body laugh and buy the Lipas Repellent! No one buy Sabun Ajaib. Hopefully they try the small trial pack given with the purchase.
Not so funny ya. Ok la. Good night.