Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Melaka Users: Thank You For The Support & Encouragement!

Bought 10 bottles MBA (Million Balm Ajaib) and 2 dozen of CHT Sabun Ajaib. She called me last
time urgently looking for CHT Sabun Ajaib at 9pm couldn't find it in Tesco Peringgit and later rush to
Tesco Cheng to get the soap after calling me. And she managed to find it. The story behind her rush
that night, she told me when met at Melaka Expo is.... read below....

Regulars. Thank U for the thumb up!

Thank U for the thumb up!

CHT Sabun Ajaib regular users now.

NIRA(Natural Insects Repellent Ajaib) regular users. Even
foreigner residing in Melaka know Lipas Repellent works!  

Regulars now. TQ!

Regulars users of CHT Sabun Ajaib

Left: Bought 4 bottles of MBA (Million Balm Ajaib).
Right: Regular users of MBA & Sabun Ajaib

Regular users now. TQ!

Regular users. TQ for the 2 thumbs up!

Familiar faces of CHT Sabun Ajaib users!

Regular users. Nice thumb up!

Left: Regular user of NIRA & CHT Sabun Ajaib
Right: MBA & Sabun Ajaib users

Left: NIRA users & Right pic: Came back to buy MBA
after tested the small size MBA

TQ for the thumbs up my supportive users!

Back for more CHT Sabun Ajaib

Repeat users of CHT Sabun Ajaib & NIRA

Whole family using CHT Sabun Ajaib and all of them
loved the soap! So happy with the results for their
pimples skin!

3 dozens of CHT Sabun Ajaib! Thank you for the support
and thumbs up! Big encouragement for me! 

Regular users now! Thank you!

Regular users now. TQ!

   The story of the lady that bought RM500 worth of CHT Sabun Ajaib and Million Balm Ajaib continue here...she suffered severe sensitive skin. 2 days before she went to Tesco to find the soap, her doctor gave her injection & medication also cannot cured her itchiness, then her friend recommend the soap & MBA to her.
   Due to her unbearable itchiness, she rushed to Tesco at night to look for the soap & MBA as my distributor in Melaka already closed shop at that time(I did ask her to call my distributor because both products available while other outlets only sell soap). She just said need the soap urgently first. Must be very itch, I think.
   Luckily my CHT Sabun Ajaib do wonders for her skin. Not so itch anymore then the next day get the MBA from my distributor shop.

   Now no more itch, showed me her hands less scars(scars due to scratching) and did help me to promote at the expo. With the 2 bags full of MBA & soaps, people are curious and ask her why buy so much!
   Then  I gave her a receipt for PWP & Lucky draw, she again draw a lot of attentions at the counter and people flocked to our booth to buy the soap to try. There is 1 lady came to buy 1 dozen, I asked her "you use b4?", because I am getting my camera ready. She said, "nope but there is a lady buy 2 bags full at lucky draw counter told me its good and I believe her after she showed me her hands!", then a few people also said,"ya, me too!" . Thank you for believing and helping me promoting good products to people.

This Melaka Expo, I really met with lot of my regulars that noticed my presents in Melaka thru my Facebook and Blogspot, and my sms notifications.

While driving back from Melaka to Penang, the long journey keep me thinking, I did the right thing to sell my handmade soap cheap so everybody effort to use the soap. I cured myself and I helped others too. I told myself; never mind the profit rakers(tat don't wanna sell my soap because of less profit) as word of mouth from users is enough to keep me going. 
Thank you for the support and lot of encouragements!