Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Very Good: 3rd Leg Roadshow @Suria KK, Sabah

   Thank You KK people for believing in me and CHT Products! All of #CHT products brought to KK sold out! #MosquitoRepellent is the first to finish, follow by #MBA, then #LipasRepellent and lastly #CHTSabunAjaib that I brought a lot to KK.

   I love the comment by my repeat user; "I don't use soap before, but because of you, I willing to try and I love it! Glad that I tried..."

   So many camera shy people in KK or else I would get a lot of pics for my collections. Well, from my bottom of my heart, Thank You!

   Please spread the good words and go to pharmacy, my agent (Ms Jess) or E-Noveal to buy the authentic CHT Sabun Ajaib.

   Looking forward to meeting you all again!