Tuesday, May 19, 2015

4th Leg East Malaysia Roadshow @Bintulu: Good Response!

   Thank You Bintulu People For Trusting CHT Products!

My first repeat customer in Bintulu. Bought previously in
Miri. Told me, his wife skin no more itch after using.

Repeat Users of Lipas Repellent

CHT Sabun Ajaib repeat users

Repeat Users

Left: Came back to buy CHT Sabun Ajaib(1 dozen) &
MBA(3 bottles). Right: Repeat Users

The kid came back to buy MBA after tested with trial pack

Came back to buy MBA(3 bottles) per pax.

Came back for MBA 

Left: The guy wanted to buy CHT Sabun Ajaib but finished.
Gave him free testers & ask him to buy from my agents.
Right: Came back for a dozen soaps, MBA & Ginger Lotion

Saturday Night came to buy 4 dozens of CHT Sabun Ajaib
and they create a huge crowd for 1 hour at my booth. Telling
the visitors how effective the soap when she tried the free
tester when she bought the Lipas Repellent on the 1st day.
Thank you for believing and helping me promote. 
    Again successfully promoting CHT products to East Malaysian on our 4th leg roadshow. Thank you Bintulu people for believing. 
For the people that didn't manage to buy CHT Sabun Ajaib at the last day, please locate my Agents in Bintulu or Miri.